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Woman shares genius hack that slashes wait time at airport security

Woman shares genius hack that slashes wait time at airport security

Queuing up for ages to go through security is never fun... especially when you're desperate for that pre-flight bev

A woman has shared a genius travel hack that slashes wait time at airport security, which helps you 'avoid the crazy long security line'.

Waiting around at the airport is one of life’s inevitable miseries – especially if you’re one of those people who prefers to get there HOURS before your flight to avoid any last minute rushing... guilty.

While you might not mind killing time getting in a few pre-flight Proseccos or stocking up on perfume in duty free, there’s one part of the airport experience that’s arguably less fun, and that’s going through security.

Sometimes you might just whizz straight through, but other times you can find yourself queuing up for what feels like a lifetime, which can feel particularly stressful if your departure time is inching closer.

But one TikToker has shared a nifty trick that may help you out, saying it’s the ‘coolest’ thing she’s seen.

She said it's the 'coolest' thing she's seen an airport do.

The hack isn’t available at all airports, but it’s definitely worth checking yours to see if it offers it – or something similar.

Raimee (@raimeetravels) regularly shares travel tips online with her 245,000 followers, helping others ‘travel smart and work remote’.

“SO GLAD someone told me about this, before I flew home from LHR today,” she captioned one video.

In the clip, she explained: “If you’re flying out of London Heathrow anytime soon, you need to know about THIS.

It helps you avoid the 'crazy long security line'.

“So you can avoid the crazy long security line... This is the coolest thing I’ve seen any airport do.

“They have a new thing called Timeslot that allows you to schedule when you go through security.”

Raimee, who is from the US, continued: “You can pick your timeslot two to three days before your trip, you’ll get a QR code and then you’ll make your way to the specific area in Heathrow – there are signs everywhere, you’ll be able to find it.”

She said you then take your liquids out and pop them in a bag, adding: “I got through security just as fast as I would have in the States, using my TSA Precheck and CLEAR.

Raimee said it's free, too.

“I am not kidding when I say I got through Heathrow security in less than five minutes - and that has never happened to me at an international airport.

“So remember to use this the next time you fly out of Heathrow.”

Commenting on her post, which has attracted more than 55,000 likes, many people thanking Raimee for spreading the word.

“Flying out next week thank you for sharing!” one said.

Another wrote: “Ohhh didn’t know about this thank you!!”

A third added: “Just signed up for my flight today!!!”

When someone said airports are ‘trying to scam on every part now’, Raimee responded: “It’s literally free.”

Others also shared their own advice, with one writing: “As an FYI only from terminal 3 and only on selected flights.”

Listing out other airports offering a similar service, someone else said: “They also have this at Schipol Amsterdam airport.”

While another piped up saying: “Berlin Airport has this as well called Runway.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@raimeetravels

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