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UK airport officially scraps 100ml liquids rule

UK airport officially scraps 100ml liquids rule

No more last-minute scrambling at airport security

An airport in the UK has become a trailblazer after allowing travellers to take liquids through security in quantities over 100ml.

Officially scrapping the rule, which has been imposed since 2006, this new change is said to make airport security a whole lot less stressful.

Gone are the days of frantically trying to separate all your liquids from the rest of your luggage in those jam-packed plastic bags, as this particular airport has changed the game when it comes to holidaying.

The original law restricting liquids in the cabin was first introduced when British police had managed to uncover a plot to blow up as many as 10 planes using explosives hidden in drinks bottles.

An airport in the UK has become the first to allow travellers to take liquids through security in quantities over 100ml.
MBI / Alamy Stock Photo

But, nearly two decades later, security technology has rapidly advanced - allowing travellers to now carry onboard up to two litres of liquid.

That means no more shampoo and moisturiser rationing.

The change will also allows passengers to leave laptops, smart devices, and other electronics in their luggage when going through security.

The new security machines, called C3 scanners, work by taking a high-resolution 3D scan of passengers bags, so that staff can easily see what is inside them.

The government are currently pushing for the technology to be installed at all UK airports by the summer of 2024, but it has already been brought in at certain locations.

C3 scanners now operate in all of London City Airport's security lanes as of today (4 April) and have been in place at Teeside too since March.

There could be an estimated '30 percent increase' in passengers from the 'door to gate'.
Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

The idea of the new security scanners is that they will help to speed up the dreaded process at security as well as make things easier for passengers and staff while not compromising on safety protocols.

London City Airport's chief operating officer Alison Fitzgerald has explained that the airport's staff are all fully trained on the new tech.

She told BBC News: "The level of processing now through the X-ray is even more secure than it was previously and the machine has the ability to differentiate to between a non-dangerous and a dangerous liquid."

Fitzgerald revealed that there could be an estimated '30 percent increase' in the speed of the 'door to gate' process.

"The whole process is quicker on the basis that previously you needed to empty your bag and put that in multiple trays whereas now it's one bag in one tray and you don't need to take everything out," she added.

While the other major airports like London Gatwick, London Heathrow or Manchester are yet to be fitted with the new scanners - we can rest easy knowing that travelling is about to get a whole lot easier come June 2024.

Featured Image Credit: MBI / RioPatuca / Alamy Stock Photo

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