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Flight attendant reveals four things that annoy her most at work

Flight attendant reveals four things that annoy her most at work

She explained her plane pet peeves

I'm sure there's a lot that can annoy a passenger when it comes to plane travelling.

From cancelled flights and overpriced food to stressful security lines - there's definitely a fair few pet peeves we've probably all got when it comes to airports, planes and everything in between.

But, has it ever dawned on you that flight attendants have their own frustrations too?

Well, to explain a little more about the ins and outs, one flight attendant has revealed four things that annoy her most at work.

Flight attendant Cierra Mistt opened up about the four things that annoy her most at work.
YouTube/Cierra Mistt

Cierra Mistt took to YouTube to share with her 476k followers exactly what really grinds her gears when working.

She began: "Let me de-influence you: travel addition. When it comes to flying commercial, these things gotta go."

Number one on the list was 'clapping when we land'.

"Don't get me wrong," the flight attendant explained. "There are some flights that I contemplate actually being unalived on it because it's so bad I will clap too - those aren't the flights I'm talking about.

"I'm talking about those flights that are smooth from takeoff to landing and yet some people still think that they need to clap.

"Spoiler alert, you don't."

Number one on the list was 'clapping when we land'.
YouTube/Cierra Mistt

That nicely ties into the second thing which was 'standing up as soon as the plane stops'.

Cierra continued: "This one's self-explanatory. I promise you're not getting out of there any quicker, in fact, you're gonna get out of there slower because you are now in the flight attendant's way of disarming their doors."

Makes sense.

And third on the rundown was a request to passengers to 'stop bringing us gifts and gift cards'.

"It used to be a nice sweet gesture but, lately, people have been so entitled that they think that that guarantees them a free upgrade or us being nicer," Cierra revealed.

The final pet peeve was passengers taking their shoes off during the flight.
YouTube/Cierra Mistt

"If you do want that type of upgrade, I suggest giving those gifts and gift cards to the gate agent because they're the ones in charge of the upgrades, not the flight attendants."

And last but by no means least is people taking their shoes off on the plane.

The flight attendant finished up: "Leave your shoes on during the flight. Our planes are dirty."

The short clip has since racked up a staggering 11 million views, with hundreds of comments from people eager to share their thoughts on Cierra's rundown.

"I don't stand because I want to get off faster. I stand because my back hurts," explained one YouTube user.

A second penned: "Don't be that person. Don't be that person. Don't be that person."

And a final viewer echoed: "I’ve never understood why it’s so weird to clap!"

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Cierra Mistt

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