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Flight attendant explains why you should never get up during turbulence

Flight attendant explains why you should never get up during turbulence

A flight attendant has shared some top tips to passengers, including why you shouldn't stand up if a plane is experiencing some turbulence

A flight attendant and TikToker has urged his followers to never do five things in particular while onboard a plane.

Tommy Cimato is known for sharing tips and tricks about travelling on a plane with his TikTok followers, as well as sharing what it's like to work in the profession.

But in one video, Tommy gives people the lowdown on what you should never do on a plane - including during turbulence.

Number one on Tommy's list is to not go barefoot while on a plane.

We've all seen people do it and stink up the cabin with their sweaty feet but, not only is just generally gross, it's actually unsanitary.

Tommy says: "Don't take your shoes off. The floors are filthy. I've seen some many people do this and it's just not sanitary."

Moving on to point two, Tommy discusses the worst thing you can do during turbulence - which is to stand up.

"Don't ever get up during turbulence," he insisted. "The flight attendants will always try and let you know if they expect turbulence."

He added in a video caption: "You could get injured and it should be taken seriously."

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The third one I think we've all been guilty of at least once while travelling, and that's not paying full attention to safety demonstrations before taking off.

According to Tommy 'you're 80 percent more likely to survive' if you watched the demo and something bad should happen.

Tommy's fourth tip is not be courteous to flight attendants like himself.

"Don't snap at flight attendants," he pleaded. "You should be doing this in general, but to get someone's attention you don't need to [click]."

Lastly, while most people have the urge to try get up straight away when they land (nervous flyers in particular), Tommy says it's 'not safe' to get up until the plane is at the gate.

Tommy insists that it's 'unsanitary' to go barefoot on a plane.

People have since commented on the clip thanking Tommy for his tips.

"Flight attendant explains why you should never get up during turbulence," said one person.

"Finally something about aviation that is actually accurate!" wrote another.

And a third person - a fellow flight attendant 0 also 'confirmed' what Tommy said was correct.

Another top tip while on a plane is to keep your seat belt on at all times - even when the seat belt sign is off.

While flight attendants like Tommy try and give passengers a heads up if there's some turbulence, sometimes it can be unexpected (even in the clearest of skies).

If you've already got your seat belt on however, you're much less likely to get lifted out of your seat from the unexpected disturbance.

Featured Image Credit: @tommycimato/TikTok/Getty

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