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Groom suddenly dies just one hour after his dream wedding

Groom suddenly dies just one hour after his dream wedding

Toraze and Johnnie Mae Davis' wedding should have been the happiest day of their life, but it turned into a tragedy

A man sadly died less than an hour after he married his bride.

What should have been Toraze and Johnnie Mae Davis' perfect day turned into a nightmare when the 48-year-old groom fell ill.

The pair had just tied the knot at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Omaha on Monday (19 June).

But within an hour of the service coming to an end, with the couple's children in attendance, Toraze's heart stopped and he tragically died.

Toraze died just minutes after he married bride Johnnie Mae Davis.

It later transpired that the groom had suffered a fatal blood clot.

Recalling the heartbreaking moment, Jewel Roberson, a friend of Johnnie Mae, said: "We were in the church and it was a beautiful ceremony.

“Toraze suffered from a medical event that was not survivable…in a second. It happened within seconds.”

Following his death, friends of the couple have set up a GoFundMe to help cover the cost of the funeral for Johnnie Mae.

So far, the page has raised over $20,000 of the $100,000 target.

It reads: "Both Johnnie Mae & Toraze planned on living the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, Toraze gave his last breath shortly after saying 'I Do'.

"All our hearts are aching for Mrs. Davis and her children. We are asking that you donate towards the burial expenses for Toraze and money to help the new bride with their children.

"As you know, Johnnie Mae always helps others; this is our time to help her. Please Pray for her and The Davis Family!"

Monica Miller, who helped set up the GoFundMe, works with Johnnie Mae at ECO Supportive Living.

Speaking about the tragic incident, she said her friend desperately needed their help.

“It doesn't matter what time or how big the need is, Johnnie Mae is always willing to help," she said.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Johnnie Mae Davis.
Monica Miller

"I'm asking that the community come together and give back the same support she does continuously.

"I just really want the community and all of us to just support her in the same way that she does on a daily basis."

She added: "At ECO Supportive Living, our motto is that we treat our clients like family. Johnnie Mae is a true living example of what that means.

"Johnny Mae goes above and beyond for the elderly and disabled population that we serve.”

Tonja Ross, another friend, said Toraze's passing was a reminder to cherish your loved ones.

She said: "Every second, minute you take it seriously. You try to keep your health together so you can have more happy times and your life won't get cut short like this."

You can donate to the GoFundeMe here.

Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe

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