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Starbucks worker praised for giving coffee cup to teenage customer sat on her own

Starbucks worker praised for giving coffee cup to teenage customer sat on her own

The young girl had been sitting on her own in the cafe when a man approached her

By now most of us will be familiar with the concept of the 'Angel Shot'.

For those who don't know, the 'Angel Shot' is a technique that bar staff sometimes use so a customer can ask them for help if they feel threatened or frightened.

You just ask for an 'angel shot' and the staff can help you. It's a bit similar to the 'ask for Angela' notes you might have seen at some establishments.

But it's not just bars that these types of methods are limited too, as one Starbucks employee received some praise for asking a teenaged customer if they needed any help by using a message on a coffee cup.

A staff member at Starbucks has received praise for their actions.
David Zorrakino/Europa Press via Getty Images

The story, which was shared by the 'Grown and Flown' Instagram account, said the 18-year-old girl had been approached by an older man while she was sitting alone in the coffee shop.

⁣"A barista handed her “an extra hot chocolate someone forgot to pick up.”⁣ the post read.

And the message on the cup said: "Are you okay? Do you want us to intervene? If you do, take the lid off the cup."

"⁣How grateful I am for people who look out for other people!⁣" the post continued.

The cup had a message written on it.
Instagram / @‌grownandflown

It added: "Side note: She felt safe and did not remove the lid, but let them know. She said the whole team was watching over her the rest of the time she was there.⁣"

The caption then issued a 'thank-you' to the team members at that Starbucks shop for their help.

And people shared their thoughts in the comments - with many praising the barista for her 'very smart' and 'thoughtful' actions.

One person wrote: "That’s so nice. Let’s all be that person that cares and not the one that simply looks the other way. Let’s protect each other, especially the young ones even if we don’t know them."

Another replied: "It's a sad world that we have to think this way... But nice to know someone has your back."

A third person responded: "We all need to pay attention and look out for one another."

"This employee needs a promotion!!!." a fourth user commented, while someone else said: "They deserve the biggest tip ever."

And a final commenter, who added that their daughter often goes to that particular Starbucks location, said: "Happy that there are employees out there going above and beyond."

Featured Image Credit: David Zorrakino/Europa Press via Getty Images Insta / @‌grownandflown

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