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Official Santa tracker goes down leaving families all over the world worrying about Father Christmas

Official Santa tracker goes down leaving families all over the world worrying about Father Christmas

The official NORAD Santa tracker is down, leaving families with no idea where Father Christmas is.

The Official NORAD Santa tracker has gone down this morning, leaving families with no clue as to where Father Christmas is.

The popular tracker has been around since 1955, allowing families to track Father Christmas' progress as he embarks on his journey from the North Pole to deliver presents to children across the world.

But families booting up the app or the webpage this morning would have expected a world map showing Santa's journey across the world.

But instead, they were greeted with a dark blue screen and a continuous loading screen.

This had led to many people being worried about Father Christmas, as his whereabouts is not known on such a crucial day in the year.

NORAD's Santa tracker is currently down.
PJF Military Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

Some parents have even taken to social media to discuss the technical issues with other people hoping to track Father Christmas' progress on Christmas Eve.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Why isn't the santa tracker working, i might be 17 but i've watched this every year of my life."

A second added: "The NORAD santa tracker isn't working this is devastating," while a third simply said: "There's no Norad Santa tracker anymore?????"

Another wrote: "Is it just me or is the NORAD Santa tracker just not working this year? Like I open up the map there is nothing in there, with both "last seen" and "heading to" being blank."

While someone posted: "Is the NORAD Santa tracker website/app down for anyone else? Seems like of all the days, today would be fairly important to be running..."

NORAD have acknowledged the technical issues by issuing a short statement on its Facebook page.

They also reassured worried families that Father Christmas was still flying and they are still tracking him.

NORAD said that Santa is still flying despite the technical issues with the tracker.
Sergey Galushko / Alamy Stock Photo

The Facebook post read: "We are aware of load errors with the website and app and are working hard to get them working for you!

"Santa is still flying--and we're tracking! You can call us at 1-877-Hi-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) for an update on his progress, and we'll continue to update here every 30 minutes on his route."

To compensate for the tracker being down, the NORAD Tracks Santa Facebook account is providing regular updates for families to Santa's whereabouts.

At the time of writing, he was most recently at McMurdo Station, Antarctica - so let's hope he has got his layers on.

If you are looking for another Santa tracker while Norad is down, Google also offers its own tracker, which has been free of any technical problems so far today.

Featured Image Credit: Norad Santa Tracker

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