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Furious families say their Christmas was ruined after finding their turkeys had gone rotten

Furious families say their Christmas was ruined after finding their turkeys had gone rotten

People are flocking to social media in outrage after finding their turkey 'rotten' in the lead up to Christmas.

People are flocking to social media in outrage after finding their turkey 'rotten' in the lead up to Christmas.

It's Christmas Eve, you've prepped your roasties, peeled the veg and have started on the gravy, you go to the fridge to get the turkey out to give it a nice old rest and prep, but, to your horror, what do you find? The damn bird has gone off.

The centrepiece of the Christmas dinner is now gone. The aunts, cousins and grandparents you have coming round are going to be starving and Christmas is under threat of being ruined - because it's all about the food of course.

Twitter has been flooded with 'Turkey rotten' content.
Magdalena Bujak/ Alamy Stock Photo

Customers of some of the UK's largest supermarket chains have been left fuming after being unable to roast their turkeys because of them having gone off just before the big day.

So, in typical British fashion, families have flooded to Twitter to complain.

Twitter truly is the gift that keeps on giving and just in time for Christmas too.

As one user put it: "Fed up with the dire Christmas TV? Then type: Turkey rotten & Turkey ruined Into the twitter search engine, for some festive entertainment..."

You won't be disappointed.

The rotten turkey content is raging on Twitter.
@plums1989/ Twitter

One Twitter user called out Sainsbury's, posting a series of images of their 'beyond rancid turkey crown'.

"Ho ho... oh," they wrote, accusing the supermarket of having 'ruined Christmas dinner'.

Another Sainsbury's customer tweeted: "Got our turkey out to cook yesterday and we had to bin it. It smelt rotten, Christmas dinner ruined. It was refrigerated the whole time with use by 27th December."

Sainsbury's replied: "I'm really sorry about the rotten turkey Simon. Using the DM link below, could you please confirm which of our stores it was purchased from and send over your receipt? If you can also provide your address and Nectar card number, I'll assist you further. Thanks, Hannah."

Sainsbury's got a fair few tags from disgruntled customers.
@Simonba56899827/ Twitter

Morrisons was also featured within the 'Turkey ruined' Twitter search.

A user wrote: "No Happy @Morrisons, opened my turkey to cook this morning, absolutely rancid. Had to throw away, Christmas dinner ruined. Bought fresh, date said 27th, stored in a cold fridge. Not looking forward to delivering the news. And no I didn’t keep the receipt.

"12 guests showing up at 1pm ffs."

Morrisons didn't escape the wrath of the turkey fans either.
@chriswallt5/ Twitter

M&S also got scathed online for 'ruining Christmas'.

One user wrote: "Thanks @marksandspencer for the #rottenturkey."

Is it too soon to say I prefer all the sides anyway and could happily go without the turkey?

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson told Tyla: "We understand our customers enjoy turkey at Christmas and we are very sorry to hear that for a very tiny number of people we did not meet our usual high standards.

"We are apologising and investigating immediately. We would ask anyone with similar concerns to return their product to one of our stores to be refunded and for this to be investigated further."

A spokesperson from Morrisons told Tyla: "Our quality team taste test all our products - we have been taste testing our turkeys against our high quality and safety standards throughout the Christmas period - including our joints, crowns and whole birds and we have rigorous standards, procedures and testing in place with our approved suppliers.

"Any complaints received from customers will be thoroughly investigated with our suppliers to ensure we satisfy our customers and meet our high quality standards."

Tyla has contacted M&S for comment.

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