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Parents Are 'Disgusted' By Prince George's Wimbledon Outfit

Parents Are 'Disgusted' By Prince George's Wimbledon Outfit

Prince George wore a suit to Wimbledon in the middle of a heatwave.

Prince George has been enjoying the tennis at Wimbledon with his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, but it's his outfit that's got everyone talking.

The third in line to the British throne, eight, came to the weekend's event dressed in a smart suit and tie. However, as London is currently experiencing a heatwave, this didn't go down well with the prince and social media commentators. Watch his arrival below:

Prince George was obviously feeling the heat himself, and he was caught on camera telling his dad that he was 'too hot' in temperatures of the high 20s.

His mum was quick to reassure her son that they would be sitting largely in the shade for the 14th day of the world famous tennis tournament.

However, many online commentators branded Prince George's outfit 'disgusting' and claimed that he should have been allowed to wear something cooler.

"Nah why is Prince George there, dressed in a suit and tie, in this heat!?" wrote one critic. "Let him have a dress down day ffs [sic]!"

Prince George at Wimbledon with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

"Why was young Prince George dressed so formally at the Wimbledon Men's Final?" questioned a second. "In this day and age it's absurd, particularly on a very hot day. A pair of chinos and a polo shirt would be much more suitable for a boy of that age."

A third similarly added: "Why oh why. Is little Prince George dressed like an old man, in a suit on one of the hottest days of year??? OMG."

"Why is that poor little boy, Prince George, all dressed up in jacket and tie?" wrote a fourth. "He must be roasting. Couldn't he wear an informal open necked shirt without the jacket and tie."

Meanwhile, a fifth joked: "My mum [is] disgusted that Prince George is made to wear a suit at Wimbledon. No problem taking me to Ingoldmells market dressed as a jar of colmans mustard though [sic]."

Prince George was the only one of the Cambridge's children to attend the event and the trio watched the event from the Royal Box.

"He'll support the winner," Prince William answered when asked who his son was supporting.

The Duchess of Cambridge looked the coolest of the group in her long polka-dot dress, while Prince William also sported a smart suit.

Clearly, in hot weather, it is not a good time to be a male member of the Royal Family!

What did you think of Prince George's Wimbledon outfit?

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