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Martin Lewis Says 'Smooth Driving' Could Save You Hundreds On Your Fuel Bill

Martin Lewis Says 'Smooth Driving' Could Save You Hundreds On Your Fuel Bill

This small change could save you money on fuel.

In response to petrol prices increasing dramatically over the last month, Martin Lewis has offered handy advice for cutting fuel costs.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced a plan to cut fuel duty by 5p in his spring statement earlier this month.

In addition to petrol prices reaching record highs in March, the cost of living crisis is also impacting people's pockets and purses across the country.

However Martin says there is a way to save money by changing your style of driving.

Driving in a smoother fashion will help you save fuel as well as being better for the environment. This means you should accelerate gradually and increase the speed of the car smoothly.

Petrol prices have increased in the UK. (

Drivers should use the highest gear possible, without overworking the engine and change gear earlier than what may feel natural.

To ensure more efficient driving, avoid pressing the brakes too quickly. If you slow down more than you intended, this could lead to the driver having to accelerate to reach the appropriate speed once again.

A cheap petrol and diesel guide was shared on the MoneySavingExpert website on Tuesday with a full list of tips.

While the average prices for fuel have fallen in the days leading to its publication, petrol is still up 50p per litre versus March 2020.

Be mindful when accelerating and using the breaks. (

With the help of the insurance group RAC, the website has compiled steps to make driving and your car itself more fuel efficient.

Drivers should check their tyre pressure regularly because lower tyre pressure increases drag on a car, which leads to the vehicle using more fuel.

Remove any unnecessary weight from inside the car and consider removing the roof rack if you have one.

As much as we love air-con, it should be turned off at lower speeds to avoid using up fuel from the engine. It is far more efficient to drive with the windows down at lower speeds, but at high speeds, it is better to use air-con because open windows can increase drag when the car is travelling fast.

Air conditioning should be used at low speeds. (

The website warns: “When you put your foot on the accelerator, the harder you press, the more fuel you use."

Another easy way to save money on fuel is to search for the forecourt with the lowest prices for petrol or diesel.

Visit and after registering, you can enter your postcode and specify how far you're willing to travel for fuel up to 20 miles. You will then be presented with a list of the cheapest fuel stations, with up-to-date figures which could be between one and four days old.

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