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Martin Lewis Explains How To Save Over £400 On Your Sky Bill

Martin Lewis Explains How To Save Over £400 On Your Sky Bill

Martin Lewis has offered advice for Sky customers amid the cost of living crisis.

Money saving expert Martin Lewis has offered advice for Sky customers looking to save their coins.

Those who have followed Martin’s advice regarding Sky packages before have saved close to £500 and as the cost of living crisis continues, people are looking for more ways to be prudent with their funds.

The founder outlined how Sky customers can save money during the Cost of Living special episode of Good Morning Britain on Wednesday last week.

Martin encouraged customers to use a price comparison website and to call the disconnections team at Sky to tell them how much less they would pay with another provider.

Martin Lewis has offered advice on how to reduce your Sky bill. (

This disconnections team, which Martin said are internally known at various companies as “customer retentions”, will be keen to keep customers rather than lose them.

“If they won’t give you a better deal, then leave and switch to a better deal,” he told the viewer.

During the show, a Sky customer sent a message to say he had saved £41 a month on his Sky package thanks to Martin’s advice.

Co-host Charlotte Hawkins read messages from viewers that were sent via Twitter. She announced: “Richard sent a message in from Twitter and said he’s just contacted Sky and managed to reduce his bill by £41 a month by doing exactly what you said so he’s very grateful.”

Martin Lewis offered expert advice during the cost of living special. (

Martin calculated that the viewer will save £492 over the next 12 months.

With reference to the cost of living crisis, Martin said Brits could benefit from cancelling their Sky package and selecting a cheaper broadband only deal and looking for a different provider to satisfy their TV needs.

Last week, many Brits struggled to follow expert advice by taking a meter reading before the end of March – ahead of the new Ofgem energy price cap increase which came into effect on 1st April.

It was reported that British Gas, EDF, Shell Energy and Scottish power all encountered problems on their websites and apps.

A viewer managed to save £41 a month on their Sky bill. (

Following the issues faced by many customers, money saving expert Martin took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to reassure the public.

"Can't submit your meter reading? Just take a photo of it, you've usually up to a week to get it to them. #MeterReadingDay," he wrote.

The finance guru had previously urged energy regulator Ofgem to look into the issue, writing earlier in the day: "I'm getting many many reports of people struggling to submit meter readings. The volume isn't unexpected. Firms really should've been better prepared. It's not good enough @ofgem please can you look into this."

From Friday, 1st April, Ofgem's price cap rose from £1,277 to £1,971. This means the average household bill could be increasing by around £693 per year.

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