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Martin Lewis Shares The Simple Shower Add-On That Could Save You A Fortune

Martin Lewis Shares The Simple Shower Add-On That Could Save You A Fortune

This is news to us!

Martin Lewis is our go-to when we're looking to save some extra dough and, right when we needed him, the money saving expert is back with a simple tip that could make a big dent in your energy bill.

We all love a long hot shower after a hard day, but did you know that the amount of water you use for your wash is affecting your energy costs?

Fear not, though, Martin Lewis has the solution.

Your showers are running up your energy bills. (

Because the hot water we need for a shower has to be heated by our house, we're directly paying for those showers in our monthly energy bills.

However, the money saving expert has the perfect tool that can help to run down the cost.

"There’s a website called which collates all the freebees available from the water companies around the country, such as £30 aerated shower heads, which you can get for free," Martin revealed.

"What that does is you can feel the same shower pressure but you’re actually using far less water to do it. It’s worth checking out, go grab yourself a freebee, save on your water - good if you’re on a water bill - and save on your energy because you’re paying to heat less water."

Sounds like a win-win to us!

There's a genius tool that can help to run down the cost of your showers. (

That's just one of the handy tips that Martin has offered Brits to help them cope with the surge of energy prices.

From next month, Ofgem's price cap will rise from £1,277 to £1,971, meaning the average household bill could be increasing by around £693 per year.

Since the hikes were announced, Martin has been urging Brits to check their Council Tax band, explaining there are around 400,000 homes in the UK currently in the wrong band.

Money savings expert Martin Lewis has spoken about the scheme (

Another simple tip that the money saving expert suggested involved stocking up on stamps, which are set to go through a price hike next month.

Currently, the stamps in stock are set to expire in January 2023. So while a stockpile of stamps won't last you indefinitely, Martin recommends that Brits "buy Christmas stamps now if you can do so."

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