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Fans freaked out after Madonna posts bizarre video with whip

Fans freaked out after Madonna posts bizarre video with whip

Madonna has once again caused the Insta-sphere to implode

Madonna has once again caused the Insta-sphere to implode.

On Wednesday (7 December), she took to the social media platform to share a video of herself propped up in bed with a lace balaclava over her head.

Oh, and she also had a whip clenched tightly between her teeth.

Watch the footage below:

Swaying slightly while sprawled out in bed, Elvis’ song Only You played over the footage.

Fans were left slightly bewildered by Madonna’s racy video, which she captioned: “Only You… (Me).”

One person wrote beneath Madonna’s post: “Madam, what is going on here?”

Another added: “What the hell?” while a third wrote: “What happened to you... it's not good.”

Other comments included: “Oh my god what are you doing?”

“So far from ray of light” and “Very scary looking. Wtf happened to the legendary Madonna?”

The hit-maker also shared a series of racy posts to her Stories, once again sprawling out across her bed with her riding whip.

It’s not the first time in recent weeks the star has sent her followers into a frenzy.

Last month, her Instagram fans went wild after she seemingly came out in a social media video.

Madonna was taking part in a TikTok trend which saw her try to throw a pair of pink knickers into a trash can while the words: “If I miss, I’m gay,” flashed up on screen.

The star half-heartedly threw her underwear towards the bin, but missed, prompting many to interpret the post as Madonna’s coming out.

One person wrote beneath the footage: “Did I just witness Madonna coming out? Good for her.”

Another added: “Welcome to the better side, queen,” while a third wrote: “I’m so happy for you!”

However, others were quick to point out that Madonna, who has spoken openly about sexual fluidity in the past, has already come out as bisexual.

One person commented: “Y’all late she been on our team,” while a second echoed: “Madonna has been an out bisexual for literally decades my dudes.”

Last month, Madonna seemingly came out in a social media video.

“Y'all Madonna has been out as bi longer than some of us have been alive,” added another TikToker.

Although Madonna has never publicly dated a woman, she did say back in 1990: “I think everybody has a bisexual nature. That’s my theory. I could be wrong,” when promoting her Justify My Love video, according to MailOnline.

A year later, in a 1991 letter to supermodel Amanda Cazalet made public by The Sun, Madonna said: "I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m dying to kiss you again. I fantasise about you all the time."

Featured Image Credit: @madonna / Instagram

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