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Lioness Jill Scott Shares 'Yellow Card' Inside Joke With Prince William

Lioness Jill Scott Shares 'Yellow Card' Inside Joke With Prince William

We can't get enough of these two!

Lioness Jill Scott has shared her inside joke with Prince William as football fans across the country celebrate England winning the Euro 2022 final.

The Duke of Cambridge, 40, who is the President of the Football Association, was beaming with joy during the game and made his way down to the pitch to celebrate with the ladies as soon as the final goal was scored.

Jill, 35, who plays as midfielder for the national team, had a lovely moment with the prince as she collected her medal, with the pair embracing with a sweet hug.

Jill Scott and Prince William celebrated the historic win on the pitch.
Action Plus Sports Images/Alamy Stock Photo.

Jill has previously told of their running ’yellow card’ joke from the time she ‘wiped him out’ during a friendly game at a charity event.

“It stems back to about 10 years ago when we did a charity event and I slipped and side-tackled him and actually wiped him out,” Jill said, according to The Mirror.

“The running joke whenever he sees us is, ‘No yellow cards this tournament Jill!’.”

The footballer received the MBE for her services to women’s football and the prince sent her a handwritten letter.

Speaking on the BBC podcast Jill Scott’s Coffee Club, she said: “That’s probably the best thing I have ever received.

Jill Scott previously shared the meaning behind their inside joke.
Zuma Press/Alamy Stock Photo.

“You know what, next time I see him I might say, ‘Can I come to Buckingham Palace?’ He’s a great guy.”

The 87,000 spectators at Wembley Stadium and the 17.6 million viewers at home loved seeing Prince William’s celebrations with the groundbreaking winning team.

"Prince William's friendship and pride for our #Lionesses was on full display for the whole world tonight!" one viewer raved. "A King of the people, taking after Diana. Love that he offered a celebration hug to all the players who wanted one (most of the team)!"

Prince William was not the only royal to share his congratulations after the match came to an end. The Queen was among the first to share her congratulations after the Lionesses’ historic win on Sunday (31 July).

In a statement, the Monarch said: "My warmest congratulations, and those of my family, go to you all on winning the European Women’s Football Championships.

Prince William celebrated with the team.
Zuma Press/Alamy Stock Photo.

"It is a significant achievement for the entire team, including your support staff. The Championships and your performance in them have rightly won praise.

"However, your success goes far beyond the trophy you have so deservedly earned. You have all set an example that will be an inspiration for girls and women today, and for future generations.

"It is my hope that you will be as proud of the impact you have had on your sport as you are of the result today."

Featured Image Credit: Action Plus Sports Images/Alamy Stock Photo/Sportimage/Alamy Stock Photo

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