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King Charles addresses pen drama with Camilla after weeks of stationery related mishaps

King Charles addresses pen drama with Camilla after weeks of stationery related mishaps

The royal couple were on their first official engagement since the funeral of Queen Elizabeth

King Charles appeared to acknowledge his recent pen problems as he cracked a joke to Queen Consort Camilla in Scotland on Monday (3 October). You can watch one of the occasions the new king lost it over stationery below:

King Charles and Camilla visited Scotland to mark Dunfermline becoming a city, on their first joint royal duty since the funeral of Queen Elizabeth last month.

During their visit Charles and Camilla signed a guest book and the new monarch took the opportunity to make a little joke at his own expense. 

King Charles was in Scotland today.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

As you may remember, in recent weeks King Charles has gone viral on more than one occasion after seemingly becoming frustrated with pens while trying to sign official documents.

In one such clip, Charles was at Hillsborough Castle in Belfast, Northern Ireland when he ended up getting ink on his hands thanks to a leaky pen and was heard to fume: "I can't bear this b****y thing ... every stinking time!"

Another, non-leaking pen, was then handed to Camilla so she could sign the historic document.

And in another he could be seen grimacing as he attempted to push a pen tray while trying to sign a document at his proclamation. 

But it seems the King is now able to see the funny side of the situation, because as he handed a pen to his wife in Scotland today, he appeared to smile at her and warn: "These things are so temperamental." 

Hundreds of residents lined the streets to greet the royal couple, who were there to attend a ceremony that would see former town Dunfermline become a city. 

Dunfermline was one of eight communities awarded the honour as part of the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Giving a speech to mark the occasion, Charles spoke of his mother’s fondness of Scotland saying it was ‘one of the foundations of her life’.

He said: “It is my hope that all those who live in, or who hail from, this very special place will feel a real sense of pride at this latest chapter in our rich history, and that this new distinction will not merely burnish the legacy of the past but will also brighten the prospect of our future.

“That would, I know, gladden my dear mother’s heart, as it certainly gladdens mine.

“As you celebrate your well-deserved status as Scotland’s new city, I can only offer my warmest congratulations, and my heartfelt wishes for the years to come.”

Featured Image Credit: PA

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