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Dog owner asked vet to put pet down 'because it barks at people'

Dog owner asked vet to put pet down 'because it barks at people'

The shocking request prompted action from an animals charity

For most dog owners, getting their pet pooch put down is one of the most gut-wrenching moments imaginable.

But one brazen owner requested that a vet euthanize their dog simply because it 'barked too much'.

Lucie Holmes, who runs Lucie's Animal Rescue in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, first received a call from the woman asking if she could take in her dog, Markus.

When Holmes explained that she didn't have a room, the woman had to look elsewhere.

Lucie Holmes has now taken Markus into her home.
Lucie's Animal Rescue

Two hours later, a local vets called up Holmes and told her that the same woman had rang asking if they could euthanise Markus on account of his barking.

Holmes told the BBC: "It's disgusting. I have not been able to sleep much because I am still so angry. Dogs bark. It's what they do.

"I told the owner there was absolutely no need for Markus to be euthanised. He needs needs time and training."

Despite already having nine other dogs and 34 cats to contend with, Holmes took Markus into her home.

Initially, the owner had reached out to Holmes and explained she wanted to rehome the dog because "he barks at people on bikes and at cars and other dogs".

She also revealed that the dog hadn't been trained but he had been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Once Holmes said she couldn't take another animal but would let her know when a space came available, the owner responded: "When will that be please?"

Before Holmes had the chance to respond, she'd received a call from the vet explaining that a woman had come in to have her dog put down for barking.

Markus is now living with Lucie, her family, nine dogs and 34 cats.
Lucie's Animal Rescue

Once Holmes confirmed that this dog was called Markus, she became concerned for the dog's well being, even though the vet had fortunately turned down the woman's request.

Holmes is urging people to think twice before getting a dog and to make sure they do their research before committing to a pet.

She said: "You have to do your research and give dogs time to settle.

"You wouldn't take a toddler to nursery and expect him or her to be blissfully happy immediately."

On Instagram, Holmes shared Markus' story with her followers.

"He had been owned by said owner for… five weeks," she wrote.

"He’s just settling in, learning his new environment and family, and at only two years old he will be rather overwhelmed as well as adjusting to everything new," she continued.

"Barking is how dogs communicate, and express their fears, and also excitement."

"When I asked his owner what training she had been doing with Markus to help him overcome his possible nervous behaviour, the answer was ‘he’s had none’."

Fortunately, Markus is settling in nicely at Holmes' house, which she shares with her husband and three children, in addition to her many animals.

Holmes wrote: "Markus has been with us less than half an hour. He has sat, taken a treat very gently.

"Has met six dogs, enjoyed a sniff and his tail hasn’t stopped wagging.

"He hasn’t barked yet."

Featured Image Credit: Lucie's Animal Rescue

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