Jamie Oliver Is Looking For People Who Eat Lots Of Takeaways For New Show


Jamie Oliver Is Looking For People Who Eat Lots Of Takeaways For New Show

How often do you order a Domino's after a long day at work? Or pick up a cheeky cheese burger after a night out?

If you love takeaways - and have a habit or ordering *too* many - Jamie Oliver wants to hear about it.


The TV chef is looking for "non-cooks" who want to stop relying on takeaways and learn how to whip up a tasty meal themselves.


Writing on Facebook, 44-year-old Jamie appealed to those who love food but don't love cooking.

"Guys I'm working on a new TV show and I'm looking for people who eat a lot of takeaways and want to stop relying on them and learn how to cook for themselves!" He wrote.

"If you know someone who loves food but doesn't love cooking, click the link for an application form and let me know all about them!"


If you want to take part, you can download the form here where you'll be asked a selection of questions including basic details such as name, date of birth and job title.

You'll also need to tell Jamie a little bit about yourself before revealing your favourite food (if it's actually possible to choose just one) and rating your cooking skills from 0-5 - 0 being a non-cook and 5 being a competent cook.

Applicants will also need to reveal how often they eat takeaways, oven ready meals, frozen foods, microwave meals and home cooking recipe boxes via a handy chart.

Other questions include: 'If you go shopping for food tell us what items are always in your basket? What would you most like to learn to cook? What would you most like Jamie's help with? Who would you like to cook for and why?'

If you love takeaways, Jamie wants to hear from you! (Credit: Unsplash)
If you love takeaways, Jamie wants to hear from you! (Credit: Unsplash)

Jamie also wants to know how big your kitchen is and what you'd change about it if you could.

Once you've filled in the form, applicants are required to send the document - along with two digital photographs (one of yourself and one in your kitchen) - to [email protected]

Applicants must be 18 years or over and legally resident in the UK.


Fans are already keen to get involved, with one tagging a pal and commenting on Jamie's Instagram: "Nice lad, has always struggled with his weight though. Loves a takeaway (or 6!), but that's enough about his Monday lunch time routine. Definitely would benefit from your help J!"

Know someone who is a true takeaway obsessive? Sign them up!

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