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It's no secret that the UK isn't the most equipped nation to deal with scorching temperatures.

From embarrassing sun burns and mass fainting spells due to the heatwave to Pimms o'clock coming about everyday at 5pm - it's clear us Brits definitely go a tad overboard whenever the mercury starts to rise.

And that's been exactly the case for one industrious women who has got the last laugh after being trolled for building a budget swimming pool in her back garden.

The woman constructed her own DIY swimming pool in her back garden.

We've all got our own DIY methods that we swear by each year when it comes to beating the heat - whether it's trying out a 'genius' suncream hack that makes applying it so much easier or purchasing one of those mini portable fans to cool down.

However, one Brit has truly taken it to the next level after fashioning herself her very own watery oasis to dip into when it all gets too much.

If you happen to have left the safe haven of an air conditioned building in the last week or so then you'd know it's been a bit hot recently.

Well, extremely hot - actually.

But luckily, for DJ Zoe London, she doesn't need to faff about with an inflatable paddling pool or an over-packed lido as she's already made her very own pool in her back garden last summer.

Considering she faced some sceptical comments at the time, it's no doubt that she's had the last laugh given the extremity of the current heatwave we're in.

Zoe took to TikTok to share with her followers her response to the people who told her it was a 'bad idea' to go to the effort of building a pool in her garden.

The woman said she had 'zero regrets' about building the £300 pool.

The DJ revealed she has 'zero regrets' about building her own heated mini-pool in her garden, which she impressively managed to create for just £300.

Now, you can't put a price on comfort from humid days and relentless sweating, but I'd say that's a pretty good deal there.

The below-ground pool is surrounded by decking and is set up near a seating area that wouldn't look out of place at a beach bar in Spain - complete with a corner sofa, chair and parasol.

While the ingenious creation has clearly paid for itself, Zoe explained in her TikTok from last summer that not everyone was on-board with it.

The overlay text from the video read: "When I’m told it’s a ‘bad idea’ to install a pool in my garden in the UK [and] then there’s a heatwave."

She captioned the short clip: "Fully zero regret. Also this is a recycled cow trough, it has a cover, it’s cleaned with pool cleaner like any pool, it cost £300 and it’s heated."

Zoe also explained the construction process, adding: "We dug a hole in the ground and had the decking guy build around it!"

Not too shabby at all for an at-home bargain DIY jobby...

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@zoelondondj

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