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A TikToker has revealed a much smoother and mess-free way to apply your suncream and it's been branded 'genius'.

It's no fun opening up your suncream to find it spewing out, the pressure of it being tossed and turned in your luggage leading to a volcanic eruption where you end up wasting half the bottle, squirting half of it not even onto your body or so much onto yourself you're left with overflowing greasy hands.

Even if you do this, you likely end up burnt in a rogue place like under your armpit or bikini strap you forgot about.

Thankfully, TikTok is the gift which keeps on giving for every life hack you could possibly need and a user has shared a much more fun and faff-free way of applying your sunscreen.

Prepare to start enjoying applying suncream a bit more.
TikTok/ @jottiesjournal

TikToker Jottie - who goes by jottiesjournal - shares 'cleaning tips and homemaking bits' on her social media profiles.

Not only does Jottie's suncream hack make the application process look a whole less messy and appear to keep your hands fairly free, but it's also very environmentally friendly.

Picking up an empty roll-on deodorant bottle, Jottie takes out the ball and gives the bottle a good old scrub before squirting suncream inside and replacing the roller ball.

The mum then demonstrates how you can much more smoothly roll the suncream onto your arm, the product coming out of the bottle at a steady pace - which you then only have to give a quick extra rub in, rather than frustratedly slipping and sliding around.

Reduce, reuse, recycle and all that.
TikTok/ @jottiesjournal

Jottie explains her daughter finds it much easier to apply suncream this way and while you can just buy a roll on suncream, it's 'so much cheaper to fill up yourself'.

Similarly to Jottie's daughter, others have been blown away by the hack and have taken to the comments in appreciation.

One TikTok user wrote: "This is quite genius!"

"Fantastic idea," another added.

The hack may help with your kids moaning and groaning when you tell them they need to reapply.
TikTok/ @jottiesjournal

If you've left your holiday packing a bit last minute and don't have time to do some recycling, other users noted you can buy roll-on suncream in shops such as Superdrug too.

And if you wanted to go even further with keeping your hands grease-free, another person suggested: "They also sell sun cream with a sponge at the end so you don’t need to really use your hands at all."

While the roll-on application certainly means you're not squirting your cream out everywhere and wasting it, it's still important to always use enough to make sure you're fully covered and protected from the sun.

Chartered chemist and founder of SOS Serum Skincare Bruce Green told the Mirror: "Most individuals use too little sunscreen. If you must sunbathe, think about a double application of suncream. Apply the first layer 15-30 minutes before the beach and then apply another layer when you hit the sun. It's like getting a protective coat of armour.

"Use enough cream to cover thoroughly all exposed areas: face, nose and ears, hands, arms, and legs. Don’t forget the backs of yours and other necks."

And you should also be applying it every two hours 'or so' - but at least with Jottie's hack it makes it a bit more fun.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @jottiesjournal

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