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Woman Confronts Salon After Being Fitted With 'Fake' £425 Extensions 'Made From Horse Hair'

Woman Confronts Salon After Being Fitted With 'Fake' £425 Extensions 'Made From Horse Hair'

The hair extensions left Surrey local Lacy Price with bald patches on the back of her head.

A woman has shared her story after claiming to have been given fake hair extensions, which she thinks are made from both horse hair and synthetic hair.

Despite 27-year-old Lacy Price's fury at the 24 inch hair extensions, which she got put in earlier this month, the salon has vehemently refuted claims that they are anything but human hair.

The extensions were made from real Russian hair, according to the salon. But the mum was adamant that the £425 extensions were something else, after finding them dry and itchy, and witnessing them start to fall out, leaving her with several bald patches on the back of her head.

The mum showed her dry hair on TikTok (

Lacy posted the video of her confronting the salon on TikTok where she received hundreds of comments claiming her hair extensions looked synthetic and were not in fact real human hair.

Lacy explained: "I usually do my extensions myself but I wanted to treat myself and I had heard of this salon because they're very local to me.

"I had booked in for a full head of hair extensions and after they put them in, it felt fine but until you wash it, you don't know what the hair is going to look like.

"After two washes, I started contacting the hair salon to say my hair has gone like straw and is in bad condition - I was ignored.

"I sent eight emails and didn't get one response.

 "It's definitely not human hair - she advertised it as Russian virgin hair but I think it could be horse hair because it doesn't even brush through."

Lacy's claims have been refuted by the salon (

She added: "Some hair salons will mix synthetic hair in with real hair to make it cheaper for them but I'm a single mum of four and £425 is a lot of money".

Lacy returned to the salon on Wednesday July 21st after claiming to have been ignored.

In the video, Lacy can be heard confronting the salon, while the salon owner fought back.

Lacy said: "I had had enough of being ignored and had enough of the itching so I walked in and asked them to feel the hair and told them it's in really bad condition.

"I asked them to take the extensions out and give me my money back but the manager claimed there was nothing wrong with it.

Lacy demonstrated how dry the hair was (

"But I know I've saved a lot of other women from going to this salon and wasting their money.

"From what I can see on the reviews, I'm not the only one who had a bad experience.

"My hair is very important to me and makes me feel confident so this has really affected me".

A spokesperson for the salon said: "The hair that we provide is 100 per cent human hair.

"There wasn't an issue with the hair extensions.

"She came into the salon for an appointment to get them removed and went crazy.

"I've had threats to my life and livelihood because of this."

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