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Woman defends quitting her dreams aged 23 to become a housewife

Woman defends quitting her dreams aged 23 to become a housewife

Linda met her husband at the gym and since getting married they've gone for a more 'traditional' relationship dynamic

A woman has defended her decision to become a traditional housewife at the age of 23, which sees her handle all of the household chores while her husband earns money.

23-year-old Linda met her husband Ricky at the gym while he was working as a coach and they sparked up a 'pretty much instant connection'.

While they weren't initially wealthy Ricky ended up making money from real estate and cryptocurrency trading, claiming he makes 'around $100,000 or more' a month.

Since getting married the couple have gone for a more traditional relationship, with Linda staying home to handle all of housework, cook meals and make videos on her life for TikTok.

The lifestyle has been a divisive one, even among her own family, and Linda's father Fouad appeared on TV show Love Don't Judge to say he was 'worried about power imbalance in the relationship'.

Linda and husband Ricky have a more traditional marriage.

Linda has said she's perfectly happy with the way her relationship to Ricky works, brushing off the backlash she's received and saying relationships where each partner did their equal share of the chores was 'not natural'.

She said: "I believe modern relationships that do 50-50 are unhappy, it’s not natural.

"However much he’ll make that month, he’ll give me a percentage. I have never paid a bill in my life. I get a lot of hate. People are really mean on social media, but I’ve gotten used to it."

The 23-year-old said that her dad 'wants me to do something with my life' and when she told him she was just going to be doing the housework Fouad said it 'did not sit well with me' as he 'encouraged her to go to school'.

Linda's decision has caused quite a response and split opinion with some thinking she's got a pretty sweet life and others worried she's not taking the chance to gain her own skills and education.

Linda says modern relationships where partners split the housework 50-50 are 'not natural'.

In one camp, people said if they had the chance to have Linda's life they'd 'do it in a heartbeat' if they could 'give up working and be a stay at home wife to a multi millionaire'.

They also said even if the relationship didn't work out they could at least get a 'million dollar divorce settlement' out of it.

Someone else said there was 'nothing wrong with being a woman and not having a career'.

However, others thought Linda should listen to her father as even if she was happy in her life as a housewife because education was 'the one thing that nobody can ever take away from you'.

She may be happy in her married life but plenty of people suggested that she might still like to finish her education as it would give her some skills 'even if she doesn't use them', and 'anything can happen' in life that could risk upending a comfortable situation.

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