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Woman paid to be husband's housewife is encouraging other women to do the same

Woman paid to be husband's housewife is encouraging other women to do the same

This housewife is paid $100 a week for her work and wants other women to follow suit

One woman treats her housewife duties like a full time job - and she's even paid by her husband to keep their home looking spick and span.

And not only that, she is urging other women to follow in her footsteps.

Alyssa Drummond has been married to hubby Tom for two and a half years, and insisted that she stay home whilst he went out to work.

The 28-year-old told Love Don't Judge: "I thought that he was wanting a little bit more attention to the house, to the home and also to himself.

"So I had a sneaking suspicion that it might benefit our relationship if I stayed home."

For 51-year-old Tom, this dynamic took him by surprise: "I honestly thought I wanted a physicist triathlete, that was my mindset.

Alyssa Drummond is paid $100 a week to be a housewife.

"Until I got into a relationship with Aly I didn’t even know how wonderful having a traditional relationship with gender separations is."

As a result of their arrangement, Tom has reportedly been living a 'stress free' life, whilst Alyssa earns more than she did in the world of employment - that is, employment outside her home.

Alyssa said: "I earn more now, married, than I did when I was in the military and it’s the best job I’ve ever had.

"I would probably be considered on his bankroll, he pays for my living, and there’s a health insurance plan."

Alyssa is paid $100 a week for her work in and around the home.

As she is outspoken about their dynamic online, she has attracted criticism, particularly from feminists.

Alyssa said: "There are feminists on Reddit who hate me, most of which are single, over the age of 30.

"I wouldn’t say that I’m a feminist at all. I think feminism was all bad, men love women so much that I think they would have liberated us after they were fully liberated anyway.

"I am just of the opinion that feminism was completely unnecessary and that it’s a female supremacy movement."

Enough sitting on the fence, Alyssa. Say how you really feel!

Alyssa Drummond is paid $100 a week to be a housewife and wants other women to follow her lead.

Despite the criticism she receives, Alyssa hopes to inspire other women to follow her example.

Alyssa explained: "There’s a lot of positive comments from women who feel like they’ve finally been seen because there is a lot of stay-at-home wives and moms who feel useless like they’ve wasted their potential because that’s the messaging that we have out there.

"It’s the positive comments I get from women in that context that really let me know that I’m doing the right thing."

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