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Woman says people call her marriage fake because attractive husband is 'out of her league'

Woman says people call her marriage fake because attractive husband is 'out of her league'

The couple have been forced to assure people they are 'in love'

A married woman has been forced to insist that she and her husband are 'in love' after strangers online accused their relationship of being fake.

Gina Miyares, 28, has been happily married to her husband Josh for three years now after they first met while working together in the summer of 2017.

They hit it off as friends before moving their relationship to the next step the following year, and after five months of dating Josh decided to pop the question in October 2018, much to Gina's delight.

After officially tying the knot in August 2019, Gina and Josh began sharing stories online about their struggles with fertility as they sought to have a baby together.

Rather than welcome advice and support on the matter, though, the pair have instead found themselves accused of having a fake relationship, with some internet users claiming Josh 'must be gay' or that the couple couldn't really be legit because Josh was 'out of [Gina's] league'.

Gina and Josh share insights to their relationship on TikTok.

Gina, from Boston, Massachusetts, explained: “I’ve had people say: ‘Oh wow, I’m surprised you two are together as Josh is so active and fit'. People don’t understand how you can love someone plus-sized.

“They say our marriage is fake and that Josh is very attractive. They even say I look like a man, which is ridiculous, or they think Josh is secretly gay and pretending to like me."

“It’s rude but I’ve heard it so much now that it doesn’t bother me," she added.

Gina is confident with her curves, which she says her active husband 'absolutely loves'.

Josh admitted that it does sometimes 'get to [him]' when people say hurtful things about his 'gorgeous wife' online, though Gina pointed out that they are 'aware people can be mean' when it comes to the internet.

Gina said the accusations about her relationship 'don't' make sense' to her.

“Some days it does get to me when I’m not feeling good about myself," she said, but 'most of the time it doesn’t bother' her.

The couple are able to laugh together about the comments they receive from other internet users, with Gina saying she feels 'bad for these people as they don’t know what it’s like to feel unconditional love'.

The couple have been trying for a baby for the last two years, and are happy just enjoying each other's company rather than listening to the haters online.

“Josh and I are just spending time together and in love,” she added. "We’re secure in ourselves.”

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