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Wedding Guest Rejects Invite After Bride Demands Gifts Over $250

Wedding Guest Rejects Invite After Bride Demands Gifts Over $250

A wedding guest rejected an invite via text after the bride demanded gifts for her or her husband should cost more than $250.

A wedding guest rejected an invite via text after the bride demanded that all presents must cost at least $250 (£182.66) - excuse me, what?!

The shocking screenshots were shared on Reddit's Bridezilla forum and add to a growing list of brides with expensive taste, demanding pricey presents for tying the knot.

A bride requested all gifts should cost at least $250 (

The bride texts the guest to remind them that they are getting married “next month”. 

In another message the bride says: “If you’re buying us gifts, the requirement is to buy us gifts above $250 (£182.66).”

The wedding guest, who is clearly in shock at the cheeky request, responds: “So what you are saying is that you want something OVER $250?!?!”

To which the bride simply replies: “Yep.”

After the guest confirms they will not attend the wedding, the bride tries to entice them with the promise of beer, cocktails and cake. When this doesn’t work, she says: “Well then, you’re losing because we have SOOOOOO MUCH people here that’ve confirmed.”

The guest refused the bride's invitation after discovering the price of gifts (

“Is this a new thing? People demanding gifts of a certain price?” One Reddit user quipped. 

A commenter responded: “Yeah I've seen a bunch online. I feel so bad for the guests because some people just don't have the money. Especially bridesmaids, if they're expected to pay for their own dresses.”

Similarly, a third person typed: “When did weddings start becoming shameless cash grabs that have minimums? People used to have more class and common sense.

“Wedding gifts are optional. People don't seem to get that anymore. Sure, it would be a pretty big faux pas to give nothing, but it's still an optional gift, up to the giver to decide what to gift."

Reddit users were outraged and defended the wedding guest (

One person came up with a rather special solution. “Make a donation of $250 to a charity in their name. Bridezilla will be totally pissed but can't say anything without looking like a total asshole.”

While a fourth commenter said: “I can buy myself a lot of beer, cocktails and cake for that much.”

Another Reddit account said: “Buy them $250 in $1 gift cards. To Burger King.”

That would be enough for a lot of whoppers.

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