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Woman declines friend's wedding invite after she tried to charge over £5,000 to be bridesmaid

Woman declines friend's wedding invite after she tried to charge over £5,000 to be bridesmaid

The bride was asking for an eye-watering amount to foot the bill

A woman has revealed that her friend tried to charge her $10,000 to be involved in her wedding as a bridesmaid.

The prospective bridesmaid, named Grace, had called into Australian radio show Smallzy's Surgery to get some advice on the breathtaking situation.

Expecting AUD$10,000 (£5,134) from each bridesmaid, the bride was hoping to cover the cost of her bridal shower, bachelorette party, pre-wedding spa holiday and wedding in Bali, Indonesia.

So in fairness, it sounds like a hefty bill.

Grace admits that she was surprised to even get invited to the nuptials, but ultimately stepped away from the role due to the cost.

"I kid you not. I think I was in the wrong pay bracket to be friends with this person," she said.

Initially, Grace was surprised that she was even invited let alone asked to be a bridesmaid.

"The bridal drama was that it was a $10,000 package to be involved in the wedding."

Her story shocked host Smallzy, who wondered if he loved any of his friends enough to give them $10k.

Grace continued: "It was all of the pre-events. So that was the $250-a-head bridal shower with her mum and all her aunties, there was a $500 bachelorette party, there was a pre-wedding holiday, to prepare and a spa weekend.

"And the destination wedding itself in Bali."

When she couldn't cough up the dough to fit the role, Grace 'graciously stepped away'.

She said: "Me and my tax bracket, I'm not that girl. I'm so sorry, peace out, love you, have a great time."

The two had met in private school - with Grace only having attended due to a scholarship.

Grace explained: "Now let me preface this by saying I was on scholarship. I was that kid in hand-me-downs. I bought my own car and this doll was rocking up in her daddy's Mercedes.

With a wedding location as luxurious as Bali, it's no surprise that it came with a hefty bill.

"I really didn't expect an invite, let alone a bridesmaid invitation so when it came I was already a little bit like, 'Oh, okay, it has now come to my attention that potentially this girl doesn't have that many friends'."

I'd feel sorry for her, but then I remember she's jetting off to Bali for her wedding... so I'm sure she'll be just fine.

When asked how the blushing bride took her resignation, Grace said: "To be fair to her credit. She actually took it pretty well. I think I did it in a tactful enough way that she didn't hate me.

"But no, we aren't friends. We like each other's posts on Instagram and that's about it."

But how will she feel, now you've talked about it on the radio?

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