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This Calculator Will Show How Likely It Is To Rain On Your Wedding Day

This Calculator Will Show How Likely It Is To Rain On Your Wedding Day

Planning your big day just got a little easier.

Planning your wedding day can be rather stressful. You can control what your bridesmaids are wearing and what flowers and table decorations you pick, but one thing you can't do anything about is the weather...

That's why clothing retailer, Simply Be, has come to the rescue, creating a wedding day weather calculator so you can do your best to pick a date where the sun will be on your side...

The calculator essentially looks at 89 years’ worth of official Met Office rainfall data in order to show you which days have historically been the driest.

It also points out which days are most likely to see it pour, so you can avoid them like the plague.

Weddings don't have to be a washout (

For instance, April is typically the driest month, despite what you might hear about April Showers.

In April, there's an average daily rainfall of just over 2mm, so it's definitely worth chancing if you're wondering whether to book!

If you're looking at specific dates, those living in Northern Ireland will find 18th April the best day of the year to book.

Meanwhile, those in England and Wales should wait a little later until June 29th.

For couples looking to tie the knot in Scotland, April 29th has been dubbed their safest bet, with 2mm of rain fall on average - which is less than any other date in the calendar.

The calculator has worked out the monthly chance of rain based on previous stats (
Simply Be)

The wetter months to look out for include August, if you're hoping to have a summer wedding, and November, if you're looking to celebrate your nuptials in winter.

In fact, November boasts 3.52mm of rainfall per day on average, so it's certainly not your safest bet.

The calculator is pretty easy to use. All you have to do is put in your wedding date and location into the website and it will work out what your chances of a washout are.

The calculator works out the chance of rain on your favoured day and location (
Simply Be)

It will also tell you what the driest day in your region is, on average, so you can bare that in mind when booking venues.

Anyone else think this is an absolute game-changer?!

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