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Doctor reveals disgusting reason why you should wash your feet in the shower

Doctor reveals disgusting reason why you should wash your feet in the shower

It's time to get scrubbing

If you’re a veteran Twitter user, you’ll remember the very explosive and surprisingly divisive debate that dominated the platform for days on end back in 2019.

The poll posed the simple question: “Do you wash your legs in the shower?”

Conor Arpwel garnered over 800,000 responses to his poll, with users split between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

To be clear - of course I absolutely do, but many users expressed in the now deleted poll (I guess all of the fighting in the comments became stressful in the end) that the water running down their legs should suffice - and they didn’t bother to actually bend down and scrub.

Water trickling down from the shower head is not enough.

Even though the debate was icky for many, it did a great job at highlighting how differently people approach the matter of personal hygiene, especially when it comes to parts of the lower body.

While some of us had hoped that intense day of the internet would have been the last reminder people would need to wash every inch of their body thoroughly, it appears that isn’t the case.




The latest hygiene PSA is surrounding our feet. And, it seems, not everybody is washing them as thoroughly as is necessary…

Much in the same vein as last time, people everywhere have been warned that water trickling down from the shower head is not enough - we need to be directly targeting the area.

Dr Poonam Desai, took to TikTok to emphasise this point as much as she could.

“If you don’t wash your feet regularly, it can link to a stinky odour,” Dr Desai began. “And that is bacteria, building up in there, causing an odour.”

And Dr Desai didn’t hold back, getting down to the nitty gritty and explaining what could happen if you neglect cleaning your tootsies.

“This could lead to bacterial and fungal infections, especially if you end up with a cut down there that could lead to an infection,” she said.

She added that not washing could lead to 'dry crackly skin', or 'calluses'.

Dr Desai rounded off her video by explaining that her recommendation is 'every time you shower, take some soap and water and scrub your feet, especially in between your toes'.

One commenter added: “Thank you for sharing! I can’t stand people who just let the water run down without actually scrubbing [their] feet! Haha.”

So there we have it. Get scrubbing!

Featured Image Credit: doctoranddancer/Rattankun Thongbun/Getty Images

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