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Expert reveals why you shouldn’t wash your hair with hot water

Expert reveals why you shouldn’t wash your hair with hot water

The beauty guru claims you could be doing your luscious locks more harm than good

There are a plethora of beauty experts and lifestyle myths, each claiming to know the 'correct way' to care for your hair.

So much so, that it can feel impossible to distinguish which routines will actually benefit your luscious locks, and which are simply part of the latest TikTok trend.

It turns out, however, that there could be one pinnacle of your age-old hair care routine that could be doing significantly more harm than good.

As opposed to recommending top rosemary oils for hair growth or suggesting a heatless rod over your billion degree curling wand, one group of big-name hairstylists have opened up on a mistake you've likely been making for years.

The fatal error in question? Washing your hair with hot water.

It's true!

According to Dendy Engelman - a globally-renowned cosmetic dermatologist and surgeon - hot temperature on the hair can completely dry up both your scalp - which can lead to itchiness and strip the individual strands themselves of their natural oils.

Apparently, washing your hair with hot water can cause serious dryness.
Antonio Hugo Photo

"The state of the scalp has an enormous impact on hair growth and health, so a dry, unhealthy scalp with dandruff can inhibit hair growth or weaken the strands," he told this week.

As well as damaging the quality of your hair, washing it with hot water can massively affect the overall look.

"Your hair follicles are exposed to environmental and oxidative damage, which can lead to hair fall," adds award-winning dermatologist and aesthetic doctor Hasan Brenar.

"Hair fall accelerates due to the loosened grip of the damaged hair roots. This can also result in premature greying."

Apparently, cold water is the way to go when showering, with cooler temperatures having a surplus of unexpected benefits when it comes to hair care.

They might be uncomfortable but cold water showers can be more beneficial for retaining hair oils.
Lars Zahner Photographer/Getty

Using cold water can help to preserve your hair's natural oils, which are fundamental in helping it both grow and strengthen and can keep dryness and irritation at bay.

And if you're seeking shinier hair, then you need to get used to cold water washes, being that the closing of your scalp's pores can retain moisturiser.

This will also ensure that you're really making the most of your conditioner, leaving your hair healthier and more hydrated with every cold wash.

On top of this, a moisturised scalp will prevent the risk of dandruff, and will improve the blood circulation of on the head, which benefits your general health altogether.

The issue with ice cold water is, however, that moisture in the hair can make it heavier, sometimes causing it to flatten and lose volume.

Lukewarm showers will lock in moisture whilst keeping your hair shiny.
Moyo Studio/Getty

This can also lead to it looking greasier quicker, which - let's face it - is a look we're always trying to avoid.

And for those who haven't yet tried their hand at a cold water hair wash session, I'm going to break it to you now, it's NOT fun and certainly not comfortable.

According to the dermatology experts, it's best to wash your hair in lukewarm water.

But if you're desperate to attain some of the cold water benefits mentioned, Engelman suggests turning your shower to cold just before steeping out, to really lock in all that juicy moisture.

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