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Twitter Users Split Over Furious Leg Washing Debate

Twitter Users Split Over Furious Leg Washing Debate

Do you wash your legs in the shower (and should you?!)

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Twitter users are currently furiously debating whether washing your legs in the shower is necessary or not. Yes, there may be more important things going on in the world right now, but apparently this is an issue that needs settling.

After a poll was created on the social media platform last Thursday, Twitter exploded with fury after users were unable to decide whether your legs need scrubbing in the tub.

The poll was originally shared by Conor Arpwel (who was keen to point out that he *does* wash his legs in the shower) and had garnered over 800,000 votes at the time of writing.

Surprisingly - or unsurprisingly depending on which team you're on - 20 per cent of those voting admitted to never washing their legs in the shower, with many arguing that soap suds from shampoo and body wash running down does the work for them.


"I feel like you don't really need to wash your legs, you wash your top 3/4 and the soap and water runs down. Unless you're just extraordinarily dirty for some reason.".

While another said: "They've been safe inside my pants, the whole day. What's the problem."

However, the remaining 80 per cent of voters were outraged, with one declaring: "How does a human get in the shower and only wash "Part" of them? Like what kind of half-ass life are people living??"

"I'm very bothered by the "soap running down my legs counts as washing them" gang. Very. Very," shared somebody else.

As others pointed out, if you're not scrubbing your legs, where do you draw the line for the rest of your body? What about your arms? And your feet?!

But while the majority of voters were outraged that some people skip the soap on their legs while showering, it turns out that it might not be so bad after all. In fact, experts say you don't need to wash them at all unless they're visibly soiled.

"While we all want to be "clean" everywhere after a shower I have to say that I rarely soap up my legs," NYC dematologist Dr Janet H. Prystowsky MD, PhD told Pretty52. "Usually the soapy shampoo and cleansing bar residual that runs down my legs in the shower from upstream cleansing is enough."

Plus, over-scrubbing your legs might even cause more damage than good.

"Legs tend to get dried out because of reduced sebaceous gland activity in this area of the body. Brisk towel drying is enough to exfoliate. Over doing it only leads to dry skin," added the dermatologist.

Well, that clears that up, then.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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