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You Can Now Stay In This Haunted House In New York

You Can Now Stay In This Haunted House In New York

Grab your ghost detector and get booking.

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

For some, staying in a haunted home might be your idea of hell - but for those that get a kick out of the paranormal then we have found your next stay abroad.

Based in the historical village of Lansingburgh, New York, the Enslin Mansion, which has been visited numerous times by paranormal investigators, offers ghost hunters a unique stay in their 'haunted' bedroom for a comfortable £67-per-night.

The private room boasts plenty of spooky charm with original hardwood floors, cast iron bed and offers "immediate access" to their chilling third-floor attic.

Describing the ghoulish stay, owner Michele Bell writes: "The Haunted Bedroom features a queen-size bed and community area and is the second largest bedrooms available in the house.

"It features a full shower bath, and also offer immediate access to the third-floor attic."

You can stay in the haunted Enslin Mansion in New York state for only £67-per-night (

The home, which has been in the owner's family for six generations, is described as an "experience" that not only includes possible sightings of ghosts, but also two service dogs, Chloe and Valentino, who are sure to calm any paranormal jitters.

The healing retreat specialist added that aside from the obvious supernatural allure, guests can avail of a French Press coffee machine to help give them a caffeine boost - should they have been kept up by some pesky ghosts.

However, there's only one thing the owners ask of guests - and that's to remove their shoes entering the home, which is three hours outside NYC. Not too much of a ghostly ask.

The house appeared in 2016 short 'Fado' (

But don't take our word for the stay, the room, which is available to rent on Airbnb, has been awarded 4.83 stars out of a possible five and guests have nothing but nice things to say, including one playful experience with a ghost.

One guest penned: "What an interesting place to stay! The hosts were pleasant and helpful. I even seemed to have a prank played on me by the residences historic haunt. My car keys and house keys kept [going missing]."

In response to the guest's review, Michele explained that the resident ghost seemed to have a thing for keys and shared: "I enjoyed our time together sharing thoughts. What a funny haunting story!!!

The haunted room features hardwook flooring and a cast-iron bed (

"I did find my keys in a potato's chip bag once after searching for two days! Be well my friend and come visit anytime!"

Word to wise, hide your keys if you decide on booking a stay.

Featured Image Credit: Airbnb

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