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Mum faces backlash after cleaning teenager daughter's messy bedroom

Mum faces backlash after cleaning teenager daughter's messy bedroom

She cleaned up her daughter's messy room while she was away

One mum has received backlash online after posting a video of herself cleaning up her daughter's bedroom while she was away.

The mum, who describes herself as a 'cleaning motivator', then showed before and after pictures of the room and intended it as a nice gesture.

The TikTok creator, who goes by the username @snowenne_cleans, wrote: "It's time to tackle my daughter's dirty room."

The bedroom before mum cleaned it.
TikTok / snowenne_cleans

In the two-part video, she added: "She's off on a school trip and thought it was a good time to tackle it. My goal is to go through everything and get rid of as much as I can.

"We are still waiting to replace her carpet. We have the new floor but still don't trust her with it."

However, some viewers were not impressed.

One person wrote: "Wouldn’t recommend this bc the kids might feel that they will always have someone to roost up after their mess."

Another replied: "I walk in and tell them what needs to be done. My boys will know how to take care of themselves."

While someone else said that they 'actually liked' that their mum would make them clean their room themselves, as they 'never want my parents to snoop in my room'.

And a fourth said that they would 'never talk to my parents again if they went up in my business like that'.

There were also some people, however, who reflected how lucky the daughter was to have a 'beautiful' mum who would do this.

One viewer said: "I think you are a beautiful mother helping your daughter like this."

A second said they were 'so glad to see parents helping', while a third said: "You are such a sweet mom, i’m sure she appreciates you lots!!"

Some commenters also pointed out that many people may struggle with keeping on top of cleaning, particularly if they have a mental health condition.

The mum also shared what the room looked like after the cleaning was finished.
TikTok / snowenne_cleans

One person wrote: "I clean my teenagers room. Because it makes her feel better! Sometimes teens have so much going on they can’t manage their room and that’s ok!"

And a final wrote: "My room always looked like this, because I used it, I’m severe adhd and bipolar and just couldn’t keep it clean. It’s not that big."

One mum revealed a rather interesting way of encouraging her children to clean up after themselves.

Mum Nadine King first noticed that an UNO card that had been sitting on her hallway floor - directly outside her sons' bedrooms - for days, and she wondered how long it would take for them to pick it up.

She then decided to tape $50 underneath the card to see if any of her kids would pick it up after realising what was underneath it.

Nadine said the 'objective' of the experiment was to see 'how long something would sit on the floor of her house before someone picked it up'.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@snowenne_cleans

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