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Woman discovers hidden feature on self-service tills that makes paying way easier

Woman discovers hidden feature on self-service tills that makes paying way easier

This will definitely save you time at the tills

A woman has come up with a simple trick for saving time at the tills in Asda - and people have been left mind blown by the idea.

If you've ever paid cash at the self service, you'll know how frustrating it is when the machine takes your coins before spitting them straight back out.

Well, this handy hack means you no longer have to put each coin in one at a time, and can instead pay for your shopping in one go.

You can watch the video below:

In the clip, TikToker @bethanyjade_st can be seen popping coins into the self service machine at Asda.

One by one the machine swallows the coins. But Bethany then reveals a much simpler way of inserting the cash.

Instead of adding one by one, she simply lifts up the flap of the coin slot and puts in all her change in one go.

"I was today years old when I found out this life hack... Just lift the flap and let it count your money," she wrote on the video.

She added: "I love this hack and need to share it."

People were impressed with the nifty trick.

People were pretty impressed with the clever trick, with one person writing: "Oh my goodness - I never knew."

While another said: "Your level of quality work is excellent."

Others had their own tips and tricks, with a third commenting on the video: "If you tip in a load of 1s and 2s (has to be less than the value of your shopping) then press 'cancel payment' it gives you it back in paper/silver."

Some, however, said they never paid in cash anyway and use contactless payments while at the supermarket.

The trick will save you time at the checkouts.
Rena Pearl/Alamy Stock Photo

In other TikTok hacks, one woman took to social media last week to share her handy hint for unblocking drains.

If you've ever had to grab the plunger to try and remove gunk and grime lurking in your pipes, you will know how tough it can be to budge.

While industrial strength products are often effective, they're both expensive and not great for your plumbing.

Instead, TikToker @veronicaveronica9085 says all you need is some vinegar, hot water and baking soda.

Sprinkling the baking soda down the drain, she pours the vinegar and water mix over it, watching as it fizzes up. After leaving it for 10 minutes, Veronica finishes the job off by pouring over some more boiling water.

You can see the miraculous results here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@bethanyjade_st

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