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Woman shares clever hack to unclog sink using just two household ingredients

Woman shares clever hack to unclog sink using just two household ingredients

What is this wizardry?

Another day, another simple hack that will change your life forever.

And this time, a woman has taken to social media to share her handy hint for unblocking the drains. Check it out:

If you've ever had to grab the plunger or, if you're particularly desperate, the wire coat-hanger to try and remove some of the gunk and grime lurking in your pipes, you will know how tough it can be to budge.

If all else fails, the general approach is to pick up a bottle of industrial strength unblocker and chucking the entire thing down your plug hole.

But while this is often effective, it's both expensive and not great for your plumbing, eroding your pipes over time.

So, taking to TikTok, @veronicaveronica9085 offered some cost-effective advice for any homeowner looking to keep their plumbing in check.

We've all been faced with this sight before.

In a video posted to her page, Veronica explained that people don't need to be forking out for Mr Muscle or any of your pricey drain cleaners.

All you need, she says, is some vinegar, hot water and baking soda. That's it.

In the post, she can be seen boiling a pan full of water and pouring it down the sink.

She then gets one jug full of baking soda and another of vinegar, which she tops up with cold water.

Now, this is where the magic happens.

Sprinkling the baking soda down the drain, she pours the vinegar and water mix over it, watching as it fizzes up.

After leaving it for 10 minutes, Veronica finishes the job off by pouring over some more boiling water.

The solution should get things going again.

And that's that. A brand, spanking new plug hole that drains effortlessly.

Since the video was posted, it's been viewed thousands of times.

While many said they had been doing this for years, others cautioned about using boiling water on old pipes, as they might crack.

However, if done correctly and fairly regularly, experts say it can help keep your drains cleaner for longer.

Once you're done with the drains, you could always give your taps a bit of a spruce.

A woman recently shared her genius ketchup hack that gets your nobs sparkling like never before.

According to numerous people with newly-shiny taps and plugholes, ketchup is the perfect product to use on stubborn stains including rust, calcium build-up and black scum stains.

Worth giving a go next time you come across some hard to shift stains.

Featured Image Credit: !veronicaveronica9085/TikTok

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