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Woman shares ‘delusional’ request from man for first date which left her in complete shock

Woman shares ‘delusional’ request from man for first date which left her in complete shock

Another day, another reason not to date

If I had a pound for every dating horror story I heard, I wouldn't be working this bank holiday.

I'd be on a yacht, somewhere hot, away from all the drama that comes with dating in 2024.

Whether it's having to come to grips with every new dating trend - the latest being the 'black cat and golden retriever' dating theory - or worrying that my partner thinks kissing my sister doesn't count as cheating, there's a lot to desire about being single.

One TikToker, who has recently had to come to terms with that, has shared a story about 'the worst first date hinge message' she's ever received.

We've all been there, Cindy.

Sydney woman Cindy, who goes by @regardingcindy on the platform, has shared with her 57k followers what she thinks is a pretty pathetic excuse for a first message from a potential male suitor.

The TikToker said some men are 'delusional' in their approach to women online and has described the current dating scene as 'whackadoodle'.

Where are the lies?

“This is by far the most delusional message I received on Hinge for a first date,” Cindy started the video.

She went on to explain how a man had messaged her asking her to a party, simply to impress his mates as he likes the way she looks.

“My friend is here from Perth and he’s having a party and I need a date,” the man apparently commented on Cindy's photo.

You know not leaving a comment is also an option, right lad?
LeoPatrizi / Getty Images

The man went on to say ‘you look like a good one to take’, something Cindy was clearly not impressed with.

She continued: "Like sorry? Are you seriously f**king asking me on a first date so you can look good in front of your friends because I look good?

“And you want to show off to all of your friends that the bird you’re bringing is good quality?”

“I am still appalled and it’s been six months,” Cindy added.


You just haven't found the right guy yet, but he's out there.

As people took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the matter, not many had anything nice to say about this Prince Charming.

Funny that.

One social media user quipped: “I would have said to him sure my hourly rate is $450. My conditions are as follows; no eye contact, no touching, no talking."

Another, who shared a sentiment we are all too familiar with, simply said: “This is why I hate the apps. I have no patience.”

A final Cindy supporter resolved: “Men have the audacity and nothing else.”

Sadly, the TikToker has decided to take a break from dating, probably as a result of some of those fish in the sea being more problematic than trophy.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@regardingcindy

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