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Woman furious after discovering husband kissed her sister as he says 'it doesn't count'

Woman furious after discovering husband kissed her sister as he says 'it doesn't count'

He tried to play it off as 'not cheating'

When it comes to cheating in relationships, we’re used to the internet giving us ways to catch cheaters.

Whether its the glitter trap, figuring out how to spot ‘cheater energy’, or navigating the world of ‘micro cheating’, no matter the source, it seems there’s ways to catch people red handed.

But what happens when the person who has done something behind your back comes clean then tries to downplay what they’ve done?

And what happens when the person they’ve done the dirty with is actually related to you?

While this may sound like a nightmare too terrible to ever happen in real life, we regret to inform you it does happen.

One woman who found herself at the centre of this situation took to the internet for advice after her husband confessed to kissing her sister - and then tried to play it off as ‘not cheating.’

The audacity.

'His loyalty to me is usually his top priority'

Taking to Mumsnet, the heartbroken wife said: “[My husband] kissed my sister. Could you forgive this?

“Both drunk, he says not a full on snog but definitely a lingering kiss. More how you kiss your wife not your sister in law. He instigated it but was the one to come clean to me pretty much straight away and is very apologetic.

“Also he doesn't see it as cheating. He says to him that implies there was sex, which there definitely wasn't.

“He has no form for this, one of those men I NEVER ever thought would do something like this. Trusted him completely, his loyalty to me is usually his top priority.”

As you can imagine, people rushed to the comments to call him out on his behaviour.

The husband in question is trying to downplaying his behaviour.
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One reader wrote: “It's certainly a betrayal - by both of them. You're quite within your rights to be both furious and upset.”

OP then gave an update, writing: “I absolutely agree it is cheating. I know its on the lower end of the scale but it is.

“Just need some other perspectives and opinions as I feel my emotions are clouding my judgement right now.”

People continued to offer their support, with a second person writing: “Of course it's cheating. I wonder if he'd be perfectly fine if you snogged his brother or his dad eh?”

Another person added: “I think most people would perhaps forgive a drunken kiss but when it is with your sister that takes it to a different level.”

One commenter said 'that's really gross.'
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Readers were then given an update about the sister, which OP recounted: “She hasn't spoken to me but I have had contact with her partner.

“He says she lied at first, says it was a peck on the cheek but then said that yes he kissed her. She apparently wasn't expecting it and was shocked but H denies this and says it felt very mutual to him.”

Another person then wrote: “That’s really gross. From both of them. He might have initiated it, but she will have let him know he could.

“I don’t see how you could trust either of them ever to be in the same room together so you either lose your family or your husband. I’m so sorry OP, this is s**t.”

She later wrote in the comments that she had asked her husband to leave, which he has, adding: "He said he didn't want to but I honestly couldn't bring myself to look at him. It makes me feel sick."

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