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Woman shares the savage response she uses when men ask to split the bill on dates

Woman shares the savage response she uses when men ask to split the bill on dates

Pearl, from Los Angeles, has weighed in on the age-old debate about who should on a date

A woman has revealed how she responds when men ask her to split the bill on dates.

It’s a debate as old as time, and has sparked heated arguments in recent years, as no one has been able to settle on an answer for modern dating - who should pay on a date.

Traditionally men are expected to pay for everything, but it seems lots of guys have been trying to go dutch by splitting the bill, leaving some women less than pleased.

One woman has a solution that apparently works like a charm. Pearl, from Los Angeles, believes in ‘feminine energy’, and therefore prefers when men are comfortable in their roles as providers.

Pearl said: “When a man wants to go 50/50 with you on a date, say: 'Oh my God, I'm so embarrassed right now. Wait, you wanted to just be friends? I'm so confused - this whole entire time I thought this was a date. I'm so sorry - here's my card.'”

The content creator said it was essential for men to understand that if she was splitting the bill, she would no longer consider them as a potential suitor.

She also explained that she’d prefer to use her savage response and set the tone going forward on the first date when there’s nothing to lose.

People have a lot to say about Pearl’s dating tip. One commenter asked: “I don’t understand why guys can’t pay for the whole bill? Why would you ask a woman on a date if you’re not going to pay. Who raised you?”

Pearl shared the 'savage' line she uses when a man asks to split the bill.

However one man replied: “Feminism suddenly leaves their body when it comes to money.”

His comment attracted 63,000 likes and hundreds of replies.

Similarly, someone else wrote: “When its about paying, feminism side leaves the chat.”

While a woman shared: “I'm too dutch and too lesbian to understand this. Just pay your own sh*t.”

And a man wrote in the comments: “Dude SCORE! I get to skip the manipulative chick AND her bill? Sign me up.”

Another woman tried to see the positive side for men regarding Pearl’s advice: “I mean tbh I don’t blame her. She paid for her food but made a clear boundary for the dude to not expect things to go anywhere…normally girls just be ghosting.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@pearlbotts

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