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Expert shares what women really like doing in bed and what men can't get enough of

Expert shares what women really like doing in bed and what men can't get enough of

Sex is more nuanced than you might expect

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, so they say.

Or as Girls Aloud once sang, 'We're living in two tribes and heading for war'.

The two sexes often have a hard time understanding each other, particularly when it comes to matters of the bedroom.

There are a lot of assumptions made about sex - women hate giving men oral sex, the best bit of sex is intercourse, etc.

The list is practically endless.

A British 'sexpert' Tracey Cox has taken a look at the rumours and pulled back the sheets - so to speak - on the truth about sex.

Let's just say, the results of her research may surprise you.

Speaking to women aged between 18 and 73 for the Daily Mail, she wanted to get the low down on getting down.

The pet hates of women?

Men and women have differences when it comes to sex.

Jackhammering (a man rapidly thrusting during sex), taking too long and the man making assumptions about how she will orgasm.

And the likes?

Feeling 'filled up' (I'll leave that to your own interpretation), watching her partner finish and 'primitive' lustful sex.

Some stats collected by Cox reveal a lot about how women experience sex.

75 percent of women experience pain during sex at least once in their lives, while between 10 to 20 percent experience it on a regular basis.

More than 36 percent admitted that they needed clitoral stimulation to finish.

Less than a fifth said that intercourse alone would get the job done.

Only 50 percent of women said they were regularly orgasming during sex, compared to 90 percent of men.

And how about that age old question of how long sex should last?

Men and women have different views of what they enjoy in the bedroom.

Surprisingly, 13 minutes was the preferred length of time.

Ironically, a famously unlucky number is the perfect one to get lucky to.

When it comes to comparing men and women, oral sex appears as a big divider.

Whilst 52 percent of men say they enjoy giving oral sex, this is significantly lower for women at 28 percent.

Women are more likely to give oral sex than men, with 59 percent of them going down on their partners compared to 52 percent of blokes.

The sex act that splits women the most however is anal sex.

Only 37 percent of women have tried it in their life, and even less have done so in the past year - 13 percent.

Of those have that given it a go, a measly 31 percent enjoyed the experience.

With 78 percent of women having a bad experience with it, it's no wonder so few people try it.

So there you have it, these are just some of the stats that make sex just like that little bit more complicated.

Is it any wonder that performance anxiety is a thing?

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