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Mum prepared to leave her husband and four children for 26-year-old man she met online

Mum prepared to leave her husband and four children for 26-year-old man she met online

Sarah told Dr Phil how she planned to leave her husband Keith to pursue a relationship with Kevin in Kenya

A mum-of-four wanted to leave her family for a much younger man she met online.

Sarah and Keith, who were both in their 40s at the time the story broke, had been married for nearly 18 years when he discovered his wife was texting another man behind his back.

Sarah filed for divorce in 2017 to pursue Kevin, a then 26-year-old man from Kenya.

Despite never meeting her new flame in person, Sarah insisted she was ‘madly in love’ and shared her hopes to move thousands of miles to marry her beau as soon as possible.

“When I ‘met’ Kevin, I was really taken with his gentleness,” she said during her appearance on Dr Phil in November 2017.

“When he texted me, he smothered me in love.

“He called me ‘baby’ and ‘queen’. He made me feel special.”

Kevin told his new lover that he ran an orphanage and was a pastor to the children. The loved-up pair would text and call each other everyday.

Sarah was ready to leave her husband.
Dr Phil

Keith said: “I wasn’t physically attractive to her anymore. I was devastated as she lost interest in being intimate with me and she started buying sexy underwear.

"Eight months ago I found out Sarah was messaging and sexting African men online - we agreed to work on our marriage and went to counselling.”

But this was followed by yet another ‘bombshell’ from Sarah.

Keith continued: "Sarah says she no longer loves me and she wants to start a new life with some guy from Kenya called Kevin she’s never even met other than online."

Sarah had fallen for Kevin.
Dr Phil

While on Dr Phil, where the family's story was shared, Sarah told Keith: “If it doesn’t work out, I can just come back to you.”

Her extensive plan for her time with Kevin was also shared, which included 'Feb. 2018 buy ticket to Kenya w/ [with] tax return, marry Kevin, stay in Kenya 3/4 weeks', 'bring Kevin back to US', and 'apply for dual citizenship'.

Sarah confirmed she was prepared to abandon her four children to pursue a new relationship. However, Dr Phil McGraw urged Sarah to try a 90 day challenge of working on her marriage with Keith before making the massive move to Kenya.

It's unclear whether Sarah and Keith still remain together.

Featured Image Credit: Dr Phil

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