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Woman says the Scandinavian sleep method can save marriages

Britt Jones

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Woman says the Scandinavian sleep method can save marriages

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ericastolmandowdy

Bedroom politics are no laughing matter.

From which side you sleep on to how many pillows, every couple will have this debate at some point. But what if you’re kipping beside a duvet-hogger?

That’s a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully, one woman has come to the rescue to share a bedroom hack, called the Scandinavian sleep method and she believes that it’s enough to save marriages.


Check it out:


Erica Dowdy took to TikTok to share with her followers why the Scandinavian sleep method is an 'absolute game changer' and why she thinks it’s a '10/10' tactic.

In the video, Erica explained: "My husband and I love Copenhagen. We've been a bunch of times and every time we go, I'd say when I get home I'm gonna give our house a Copenhagen-inspired makeover and then life gets busy and I don't do it.


"But this time we're doing it."

She continued: "There are no sad beige houses in Copenhagen. They love fun colours."

So, the influencer decided to say adios to her white sheets and instead opted for some new 'pink linen sheets'.

Erica chose this fabric 'because they [Scandinavians] always sleep with linen sheets and they are the most comfortable'.


"No top sheet," Erica added. "Those things are absolutely useless. We're getting rid of that."

After she put together an Instagram worthy bed set-up, she went on to finally tell us all what the Scandinavian sleep method was.

The woman called the Scandinavian sleep method an 'absolute game changer'. Credit: TikTok/@ericastolmandowdy
The woman called the Scandinavian sleep method an 'absolute game changer'. Credit: TikTok/@ericastolmandowdy

Erica explained: "So, in Copenhagen, not once have I slept with one duvet - it is always two twins.


"And we sleep so good."

She went on to tell her followers that this means there is no need for couples to fight over blankets, and that they’ll be able to sleep soundly with one each.

"Nobody's too hot or too cold," Erica noted. "It's absolutely amazing!"

But you need to look the part if you’re opting for a Scandi method.


So, the TikToker chose a yellow duvet for 'colour blocking' and ordered some matching pillowcases to finish the look.

"This is just absolutely the comfiest way to sleep," she concluded. "I'd 10/10 recommend it - it could save marriages."

According to Erica, the sleep method is a great way to put an end to duvet-hogging and midnight arguments as each person can take up as much blanket as they want, without consequence.

It’s no surprise that the video went viral as couples all over wanted some peace and quiet after dark.

No more fighting over the duvet. Credit: TikTok/@ericastolmandowdy
No more fighting over the duvet. Credit: TikTok/@ericastolmandowdy

Racking up over eight million views, hundreds of eager users raced to the comment section to share their thoughts and reactions to having tried it out for themselves.

One TikTok user wrote: "Not me realising I sleep with the Copenhagen method already and my husband and I LOVE it."

A second commented: "Once you sleep with two comforters… you will NEVER go back to only one!!!"

"My husband is from Germany and we’ve always done this," a third chimed in. "My favourite way to make the bed is to fold each twin and turn it sideways. Fits perfect."

Another person was already taking part in the method but didn’t know it was a hack, writing: "We do this I didn’t know it had a name!

"I’ll never go back it’s the only way that makes sense."

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Britt Jones
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