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Woman shares bold sentence she tells men on dates that makes them want to marry her straightaway

Woman shares bold sentence she tells men on dates that makes them want to marry her straightaway

She shared her unique dating tip on TikTok

If you’re currently in the dating game, it can be a minefield to navigate when trying to find your perfect match.

But one single woman has shared a tried and tested method which can help you to weed out dating prospects, and it’s fast.

She has revealed one sentence she uses after a first date to make man ‘want to marry her’.

In a TikTok video, Marina Neuman (@marinainmiami), claimed that not only does it work, but it’ll work almost immediately.

The woman is hopeful that she’ll be married soon and is actively searching for her future husband.

Marina Neuman shared her unique dating tip.

But she uses a sly form of reverse psychology to bring her one step closer to achieving this.

Marina likes to tell men that she’s interested in that she won’t marry them, which apparently spurs them on to try and prove her wrong.

The Miami-native revealed that she found this method when watching Pamela Anderson's Netflix documentary, Pamela, a Love Story.

She said in her TikTok clip: “In a documentary, Pamela Anderson said that if you want to guarantee you're going to marry somebody, tell them that you'll never marry them and you'll be married in six months.

“She's onto something there because over the last two months I've gone on several dates where there just wasn't anything there.

“So, I just took a page out of How to Lose a Man [Guy] in 10 Days and I tell the guys, ‘You're lovely, I've had a great time, but I'm really just looking to date for marriage at this point and I don't see this becoming something serious’.”

You may think that this would turn men off, but you’d be very wrong.

She claimed 'rejection does something to their brain'.

It actually makes them want to ‘try harder than ever’, according to the 26-year-old.

She claimed: “Rejection does something to their brain.”

Giving an example of her tactic at work, Marina claimed that once on a date a man told her that he was ‘never getting married’ but her iconic response changed his tune.

She simply told him: “I'm somebody's wife and they're going to know I'm their wife.”

So, why did it work?

Marina shared: “I'm not in the business of changing a man's mind. This man told me how he's really been thinking about how he thinks he would want a family in five years. I just told you I'm somebody's wife.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the dating hopeful explained that her husband should recognise ‘her value from day one' and that she wants other women to follow suit with this mindset.

“I believe it's so important for women to never be afraid to walk away from anyone who doesn't value them,” she added.

Her video soon went viral, racking up over a million views, with many commenters cracking up about how it might actually work.

One person wrote: “They can't stand hearing they're not qualified for the job.”

Another penned: “I love how this isn't manipulation it's literally just honesty but then they manipulate themselves.”

Someone else revealed how it works for them, writing: “I've been proposed to over a dozen times. The less you do the more they want. I'm always one foot out the door and they know it.”

Another shared the same sentiment, admitting: “Truth. Told husband to date other people. We got married five months later.”

So, if you’re still looking for love, maybe give this one a try.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@marinainmiami / Pexels

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