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Heated debate as woman admits she and her husband swap bed sides every night

Heated debate as woman admits she and her husband swap bed sides every night

Couples can get up to a lot in bed together but swapping sides every night is out there

Couples can get up to all sorts of controversial things in the bedroom but one husband and wife team have really alarmed people by doing something utterly depraved almost every night.

They swap the sides of the bed where they sleep.

That's right! None of this 'my side of the bed' poppycock, instead they just swap over the side of the bed they sleep on at random without any discussion whatsoever.

People can wrap their heads around a lot of what couples get up to in their own beds but this has left plenty utterly confused and wondering how on earth this works.

Yet more are declaring it to be 'the craziest thing I've ever heard', as so many just can't grasp how a couple sleeping on whatever side of the bed takes their fancy - let alone it changing from night to night.

TikToking couple - @renovatingourhome - posted the video explaining why they have this random sleeping arrangement, and wanted to know how other people felt about it, as they 'really need to know if we are alone in this'.

Judging by the responses to their video, they pretty much are alone in doing this and the rest of the world is reacting with shock, horror and the fear that such behaviours could spell an end to civilization as we know it.

One told the couple they 'hope you both get the help you need', while another said they were 'surprised that you found each other and are both okay with this'.

Given the apparently overwhelming wave of opposition to couples switching the side of the bed they sleep on, the two of them really do seem to be star-crossed lovers.

Someone else wondered 'what about your nightstands?' and asked if the couple 'just willy nilly have your stuff everywhere' ,instead of each person having their own bedside table with their things in it.

Going by the response you'd think they'd committed some kind of international crime.

The comments conveying a mix of curiosity, objection and outright rejection continued as a pet owner said 'my cat has a specific side', while a singleton declared 'I have a side of my bed'.

Another said the couple might as well said they sometimes like to sleep on the ceiling for how weird they sounded, while one married woman said she wouldn't 'even let my husband lounge on my side of the bed'.

Swapping sides of the bed randomly was branded 'serial killer behaviour' and an indulgence of 'absolute anarchy'.

A few people said that in their beds the man slept closer to the bedroom door 'so he is the first to get killed' in the event of an intruder.

Honestly we've tried looking for the people who agree with this couple and we really struggled to find someone, anyone who thought this was a good idea and not the sign of utter insanity.

Still, the two of them seem to be pretty happy with their arrangement (or lack thereof), so if it works for them then perhaps it isn't so bad.

Featured Image Credit: @renovatingourhome/tiktok

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