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Woman ghosted when date sneaked out of hotel room after flying her to Miami for second date

Woman ghosted when date sneaked out of hotel room after flying her to Miami for second date

The woman had been flown out to Miami by her date, but then he suddenly vanished

We’ve all heard our fair share of dating nightmares – or even worse, have our own hellish stories to tell.

From being asked to send money over to your date and them disappearing to being dumped just for having a ‘guy best friend’.

But this one really takes things up a notch. Forget being ghosted by your situationship or stood up at the local bar, how about being ditched somewhere you were flown out to?

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after revealing her date sneaked out of their hotel room.

Chandler, 30, was flown out to Miami by a man for their second date.

However, he soon vanished.

Racking up over three million views, she said he’d told her he was going to meet his sister who he’d not seen in two years.

And she was fine with it, decided to just chill by the pool after he agreed to be back in time for their lunch reservation at 1.30pm.

But at 1.10, when she dropped him a text to see where he was, she didn’t get a response. And she didn’t get a response to her follow-up messages either.

Eventually he apologised for being ‘non-responsive’ and said he’d just ‘found out some devastating news’.

She had been flown out there for a vacation date.

Chandler said she’s a ‘very trusting person’ so went along with it and went back to the hotel room for a nap, after housekeeping had been.

But when she woke up she reveals: “I look around and I look in the corner, I realise his stuff is not there.”

The woman started to think he must have ‘come and got his stuff while I was taking a nap’, branding him ‘disrespectful’.

She says she has 'no idea' why he would do this and doesn't think it's anything she did.

He told her he'd received 'devastating news'.

Explaining why she travelled all the way to Miami on a second date, Chandler said: "We live in different states so one of us would have to fly anyway so why not meet in Miami.

"If I'm going to be with a s**tty guy, I'd rather be with a sh**ty guy in Miami than Appleby's, OK."

The woman had reportedly travelled to sunny Miami from Maryland for the 'vacation' date.

One user joked in the comments: "The way I would love for a man to fly me out and leave me alone."

As another put: "Free trip and you don’t have to deal with him???? Win win."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chanzandchill

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