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Gen Z woman shocked by text sent from millennial man after their first date

Gen Z woman shocked by text sent from millennial man after their first date

A Gen Z woman was left confused after she received a text from a millennial after their first date.

We have all dated someone who isn't the best texter. Maybe they're okay in person but texting just isn’t their thing.

Well this was definitely the case for 27-year-old Elizabeth Castaldi, who took to TikTok to document her experience.

In this case, it seems as though age wasn’t just a number, as Elizabeth highlighted some major differences in the way Gen Z and millennials interpret messages.

Elizabeth turned to TikTok for advice. (TikTok/@yogiinpinkk)
Elizabeth turned to TikTok for advice. (TikTok/@yogiinpinkk)

After enjoying a date with a 35-year-old man, she was left puzzled by a text he sent following their meet-up and took to the social media platform to get their two-cents on the situation.

In the message, her date wrote: “Hey, had fun last night. Have a good day."

Now, reading this, you wouldn’t inherently assume there’s anything wrong with the text.

It’s pleasant, he said he had fun and wishes her a good day, what could possibly be shocking?

Well, viewers took to the comments to question her confusion.

One said: “I’m confused how this is bad?” while another added: “Wait what is this, I need to know."

Whilst the guy probably didn’t mean any harm by what he said, Elizabeth said that she felt like she had no idea whether he wanted to see her again.

And that in fact, she was very keen.

In a comment under her video in response to other people, she said: “Let’s be clear, I do not have the ick.

“I just can’t read him and I really, really want to go on a second date.”

Elizabeth wasn't sure how to respond to the message. (TikTok/@@yogiinpink)
Elizabeth wasn't sure how to respond to the message. (TikTok/@@yogiinpink)

Some viewers of the short clip helped Elizabeth with her response to her date, and she replied saying: “Me too! Hope your day is going well."

However, as the conversation between the two progressed, Elizabeth really got the feeling that this guy was simply just not interested in furthering their connection.

Whilst she did attempt to arrange another date, he said he had been ‘a little crazy with work’ and suggested that they play the situation ‘by ear’.

Ugh, everyone’s least favourite sentence, because what does that actually mean?!

Eventually, Elizabeth decided to cut ties and move on, and low and behold, the man didn’t get in touch again.

But it’s not all bad news as she then shared a follow-up video, in which she revealed she was off on another first date.

Hopefully this time, the guy texts a little more to her standard.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@elizabethannecastaldi /TikTok/@yogiinpinkk

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