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Women Share The Worst Hygiene They've Experienced While Dating Men And It's Horrifying

Women Share The Worst Hygiene They've Experienced While Dating Men And It's Horrifying

Prepare to be shocked, appalled…and sickened.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

We're hope you're not eating while you're reading this - if so, we urge you to put the food down.

Sex and relationship expert and blogger Dami Olonisakin, better known as Oloni, started one of her infamous Twitter threads urging straight and bisexual women to share their experiences of dating men with poor hygiene.

And when we say poor hygiene, we mean poor.

Oloni urged women the share their grossest stories (

Suggestions flooded in thick and fast, with Oloni keeping all contributors anonymous as she posted each story on her thread.

Prepare to gag, girls.

"My ex had no personal hygiene," said one contributor. "We started as a long distance relationship where when I saw him, he would always be clean and freshly showered. Oh how that changed when we moved in together.

"I refused to have sex with him because his whole being stunk. Don't get me started on his breath."

One woman was left stunned at how poor her boyfriend's hygiene was (

Things got so bad for this poor women that she felt she had to physically intervene.

"I would run him showers, baths and put toothpaste on his toothbrush to make him clean because it was revolting, he just wouldn't look after himself."

Elsewhere, another victim of a man's bad hygiene divulged: "I'd been seeing my man for about four months and I'd gone over to his to spend a couple days.

"When I first got there I saw he'd run out of toothpaste, hand soap and shower gel so I just bought all of those things from the corner shop, he didn't say anything.

One woman was forced to buy several toiletries to keep herself clean (

"After being there for three days I noticed this guy hadn't showered. I was so incredibly disgusted, he smelt so bad I had to hold my breath around him. I wasn't even trying to be polite, I kept asking when he was going to shower, and he kept saying, 'soon.'"


A third woman wrote: "My ex got his own place around six months into the relationship and he was not house-proud at all, to the point where I would go round and cook and I'd clean the whole kitchen and several days of backlog while he sat on his useless behind.

"Used to have to tell him to wash his bedsheets because he'd leave them on until they smelt like beef-flavoured Hula Hoops."

One woman had to leave her date immediately (

Perhaps the worst entry, one woman explained: "A guy took me back to his place. But the moment he opened the door? It smelt so bad.

"There was trash stacked against the wall against an overflowing bin, the floor and couch was covered in stains, there were ants everywhere. I asked to use the bathroom to regroup and there were skidmarks everywhere in the toilet

"I had to leave, I'd never been so disgusted."

Men aren't always held to the same hygiene standards as women (

And we thought we had it bad!

Speaking about her thread, Oloni told Tyla: "I started the thread after a conversation with other men on Twitter. Some were for women performing oral sex on their bottoms and while I'm for women doing whatever brings them pleasure, I thought it was interesting that for so long women are constantly being told what to smell like (vaginal washes for example) but the same isn't done for men when they probably need it most.

"I decided to create a thread where women could share their worst hygiene experiences with the opposite sex intimately or casually. The thread shows that there are a lot of women who are putting up with terrible hygiene for the sake of being in a relationship. It's as though men aren't held to the same standards women have been held to for years and women are still going out of their ways to provide and pleasure these individuals."

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