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The Super Blood Wolf Moon Could Spell Trouble In Your Relationship

Amelia Jones

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The Super Blood Wolf Moon Could Spell Trouble In Your Relationship

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/GanapathyKumar

Set your alarm early on Monday and, cloud-cover permitting, you'll be able to see a rare glimpse of the big, red Super Blood Wolf Moon - but what does it really mean for you? NYC-based astrologer, Lisa Stardust. spoke exclusively to Pretty 52 to reveal that you should probably avoid arguments if you want to avoid breaking up your closest relationships.

"The eclipse is a super moon, meaning it's hanging out very close to the earth. What this means is that it has a very intense effect on us all, because the moon controls emotions and intuition," explains NYC-based astrologer.


"The luminary will be in passionate Leo, which will spark drama and theatrical displays of emotion. Also, heightening our desires to be seen and acknowledged... It may manifest in arguments and power struggles."

So what can we do to avoid a lunar-induced break up? Turns out taking time for yourself on Monday is your best bet.

"This eclipse is a good time to post selfies on Instagram and focus on yourself," explains Lisa. "Get a mani/pedi and indulge yourself in self care - as it's about the relationship we have with ourselves and how we care for and love ourselves."

Credit: Unsplash/rawpixel
Credit: Unsplash/rawpixel

The takeaway is simple: Don't schedule date night for Monday. It's probably a good time to take some time out: "Give yourself some extra care and focus on your heart's path. Commit to who and what you love - most importantly, commit to loving yourself more."

Sounds like the perfect excuse for a bit of selfcare on Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year.

Credit: Unsplash/krisatomic
Credit: Unsplash/krisatomic

UK skygazers will be able to look up at the sky on Monday at 5.15am GMT to see the lunar phenomenon most clearly.

The moon will prepare to enter the Earth's shadow and turn red just after 2.30am GMT.

Spectators can expect the Moon to begin to darken slowly as the earth passes between it and the sun before turning red as it becomes completely caught in Earth's shade.

Because the full moon is closer to the earth than usual it will also appear slightly bigger.

This will be the last total lunar eclipse for 10 years - so make sure you set your alarm to avoid missing out (just beware the drama that might come with it).

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Amelia Jones
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