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Bumble Now Has A Star Sign Filter So You Can Avoid Incompatible Astrological Matches

Bumble Now Has A Star Sign Filter So You Can Avoid Incompatible Astrological Matches

Bumble has introduced a star sign filter so you can remove any incompatible astrological matches to make sure you find the one.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

Not only does Bumble allow the woman to make the first move in heterosexual matches, it now has a star sign filter so you can avoid incompatible astrological matches.

Whether you're a Taurus who doesn't get along with Aquarius or a Gemini who can't stand Scorpios, you can now make sure you never match with them on Bumble.

If you believe in astrology, star signs can have a huge impact on your dating life, and this feature removes any awkward questions down the line.

Bumble is the first dating app to create such a filter, and have also added it to the Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz settings.

You can filter out unwanted star signs. (

As well as star signs, you can also filter by political leanings, faith and lifestyle preferences, so it is more likely you'll find the one for you.

Alexandra Williamson, Bumble Chief of Brand, said: "We've been working internally and with our users to create just the right mix of filters that allow for deeper, more meaningful connections and we're very pleased with what we've developed."

Bumble Filters allow you to customise your experience which gives you more control over the kinds of relationships you're looking to build, whether it is a love interest or friend.

Hopefully it will mean less awkward dates. (

Users can pick two free filters on the app, and the rest are available as part of their Bumble Boost add-on.

If you want a heads up on which star signs perform the best on dating apps then you'll be happy to know if you're a Scorpio you'e in luck (we'd probably wouldn't read on if you're Sagittarius, though).

Dating app Jaumo used data from its 40 million users to find out which signs are the luckiest in love.

Scorpios are meant to be more successful on dating apps. (

The app looked at the amount of likes each of the 12 signs received - which revealed that some signs have up to 74 per cent higher chance of getting a like.

Scorpios scooped up 12 per cent of the likes, with Librans coming in second with just under 10 per cent.

Sagittarius placed at the bottom with only 7 per cent of likes which could be seen as a positive or negative depending how you look at it.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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