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People Are Campaigning To Get Semi-Permanent Makeup Offered On The NHS

People Are Campaigning To Get Semi-Permanent Makeup Offered On The NHS

This is truly inspiring.

Chances are, we've all known a person who has been deeply affected by cancer. So much focus is placed on wanting that person to get better, that we often forget about life after remission.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful on the outside, as well as within. For people who have lost their hair to cancer treatment and autoimmune disorder alopecia, it can be tricky to marry the two together.

Semi-permanent makeup (specifically tattooed eyebrows) can often cost upwards of £50, which isn't a viable option for everyone. One makeup artist, however, wants to change that.

Tyla spoke to Lauren Moulding - a Gateshead-based salon owner currently running a campaign to get the beauty treatments offered on the NHS.

Lauren is campaigning to get semi-permanent makeup offered on the NHS. [

Lauren has seen the catastrophic effects cancer can have on a person's self-confidence first-hand.

"My cousin and a good friend of mine both suffered with cancer, and they both felt a massive change in self-esteem after getting semi-permanent makeup done," she says.

"My friend actually said it got them though the rest of their treatment and gave them a lot of confidence."

The salon-owner was a diagnostic radiographer for seven years, which further inspired her to start the campaign.

"It was really rewarding work. I'm a really emotional person and I did get attached to some of the patients and their stories.

Clients have found a new lease of life after receiving treatment for free. [

"As far as being a radiographer was concerned, I could help these people. I could give them CT scans and X-rays. I think if we can go that one step further and help these people more [with semi-permanent makeup] then let's go for it!"

Lauren's campaign is currently running alongside a fundraiser she set up to offer 10 free treatments to her clients.

"I thought, [semi-permanent makeup] could make a big difference in a lot of people's lives if we make it more accessible to patients," says Lauren.

She's planning to include the free clients in her campaign, as living proof of how the treatments have the ability to change lives.

"I'm planning on taking the evidence gathered to the NHS Innovation Accelerator Fund [NIA]."

Lauren is still a registered radiographer alongside running a salon. [

The NIA currently accepts applications from those who highlight new, innovative ways to meet people's needs. Accepted applicants receive bespoke membership, links with stakeholders and a bursary, among other resources.

"You can currently get plastic surgery on the NHS, so hopefully they'll add semi-permanent makeup, too," Lauren explains.

The NHS has been known to cover procedures such as breast implants under exceptional circumstances.

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