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Video Captures Grooms' Emotional Reactions To Brides Walking Down The Aisle

Video Captures Grooms' Emotional Reactions To Brides Walking Down The Aisle

The montage shows seven grooms emotional reactions as they wait for their bride to walk down the aisle.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

A filmmaker has captured seven grooms' emotional reactions as their brides walked down the aisle in a touching compilation video.

British videographer Emma Wilson, who owns a wedding and event filming company called Story Of Your Day, filmed the grooms as they turned around to see their wife-to-be and were overcome with emotion.

Some can be seen nervously awaiting their bride while others are already in tears before they have seen her.

Emma explained: "I'm an audiovisual storyteller. In my time as a broadcast journalist I've learnt to recognise key moments and capture them discreetly.

"Now I film weddings and get to tell love stories that my clients can relive in years to come by watching back their film."

From Norfolk and York in England to Paris in France, the couples tied the knot in locations all around the world over the past four years and each one is touchingly beautiful on camera.

The video starts off with celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho's nuptials in Paris, France in September 2017.

Vicky and Hayden.
Story of Your Day

Sharing her own memory of their wedding, Emma recalled: "During the ceremony Hayden cried as he told Vicki, 'You are my beloved, you are the cherisher of my heart and I can't live without you', before breaking down again when Vicki declared her love for him."

Next of the seven grooms is Nick, who was overwhelmed before the ceremony had even started. He can't contain his emotions as he turns round to see bride Lizzie as she walks down the aisle in Hengrave Hall, Suffolk.

Nick and Lizzy.
Story of Your Day

Another happy couple in the montage include Mathilde and Hélio who married last year in Switzerland.

They had a special 'first look' moment in which they saw one another in their outfits before their wedding a few hours later.

Mathilde and Helio.
Story of Your Day

Angela and Richard also feature in the montage, who married at Allerton Castle in York in 2017.

"This was another very emotional moment following the bride's entrance," explained Emma.

Rich and Angela.
Story of Your Day

She continued: "As Angela walked down the aisle to the sounds of Trio Vivo - a brilliant trio of violin, cello and piano, the look of pride and adoration on Richard's face was so romantic and moving."

Next, Katie and Harold from New York share a touching moment as they tie the knot in France in 2018.

Katie and Harold.
Story of Your Day

Californian newlyweds Jane and Chuck also married in the South of France last year, after being together for 17 years.

"Their close friend held the outdoor ceremony but Chuck was so keen to be married that he jumped in to kiss Jane as soon as she finished saying her vows- an amusing moment during a gorgeous ceremony," explained Emma.

Jane and Chuck.
Story of Your Day

Finally, arguably the most nervous of all the grooms is Rich who married Sally in 2015 at Allerton Castle in North Yorkshire.

He is overcome with relief as Sally reaches him at the altar.

Rich and Sally.
Story of Your Day

Emma recalled: "I captured the intensity of Rich waiting at the top of the aisle for Sally and the complete relief as she stood beside him."

Featured Image Credit: Emma Wilson

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