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Last Supermoon Of 2020 Is Coming This Week

Last Supermoon Of 2020 Is Coming This Week

You can catch the Flower Moon on Thursday 7th May.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Stargazers, you're in for a treat this week: the final supermoon is 2020 is set to dazzle in the sky this Thursday.

This year's last supermoon (that's when a full moon occurs at the closest point to earth during it's orbit, making it look hugeee) is also known as the Flower Moon in honour of the flowers that bloom in the Northern Hemisphere in the month of May.

Technically, the exact moment of the full moon will occur at 11.45am GMT on Thursday 7th May, but we won't be able to see it in the skies then.

To witness the amazing moon, you'll have to set an early alarm, as the moon will be visible while it's still dark in the morning (at roughly 5.42am in London).

After that, you'll be able to spot it again after sunset, as the moon rises in the south-east (at around 8.44pm).


The moon will be roughly 6 per cent larger than the average full moons we're used to it, which will give it its dazzling effect in the sky.

"Many cultures refer to May's full moon as the flower moon thanks to the abundant blooming that occurs as spring gets going properly. Other names include the hare moon, the corn planting moon, and the milk moon," says Royal Museums Greenwich.

Moon watchers will reminder last month's spectacular Pink Moon, which was visible in the early hours of 8th April.

May's supermoon will be the last of 2020, with the next expected in April 2021.

The supermoon - also nicknamed the the milk moon, hare moon, and corn planting moon - falls in the Scorpio sign, meaning as well as being an amazing sight, you *could* notice it having subtle affects on various aspects on your life (if you believe in that sort of thing!)

In particular, astrologers claim you might notice tweaks in your spontaneity, intimacy and desire.

Featured Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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