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A 'Pink Supermoon' Will Be Visible In The UK Next Week

Lucy Devine

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A 'Pink Supermoon' Will Be Visible In The UK Next Week

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

PSA: There's a new supermoon heading our way next week and it's going to be a spectacular sight to behold.

The enormous moon is the largest and brightest of all the supermoons and is the first of the spring season. Also known as the Paschal Full Moon, it's also responsible for determining the date of Easter - so it's pretty special, we think.


Confusingly named the 'pink' supermoon, this phenomenon actually takes its name from the colonial era. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the moon will be its usual golden colour at the horizon and bright white overhead.

It's described as a pink moon due to the time of year. In early spring, a wildflower native to North America, phlox subulata - which also went by the name of 'moss pink' - is in bloom.

As this particular moon is visible around the same time, it's been known as a pink supermoon for some time.

If that wasn't exciting enough, it's also the largest supermoon of the year due to its uneven orbit and the fact it's closer to Earth than any other supemoon will be in 2020. It's also seven per cent bigger and 15 per cent brighter than the average moon. *So* cool.

Stock Photograph (Credit: Unsplash)
Stock Photograph (Credit: Unsplash)

So how can you see this epic sight?

Well, in the UK, the pink supermoon will be most visible in the early hours of Tuesday (8th April) morning.

As it's *such* a spectacular occasion, we chatted to Anna Ross, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, to find out exactly where it will be and at what time.

She told Tyla: "The average distance of the moon from the Earth is 384,400km, but the moon will reach its closes point this lunar month on 7th April at 19:09, when it will be 356,906km away.

"The exact moment of the full moon closest to this point (ie the supermoon) is also on 7th April, but at 3.35am. This means that the best times to view this supermoon will be anytime during the nights of either the 6th or 7th April. During these nights, the moon will rise in the east just before sunset and set in the west around sunrise.

"There is no particular location you need to be to observe this event - as this is a bright, full moon, as long as the nights are clear of clouds, it will be easy to spot whether you are in a light-polluted city or a dark are of countryside."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson at NASA told Tyla that after rising in the east, the moon will be visible all night.

So, if you want to awe at the moon it in all its glory, set an alarm for 3:35am. Or, wait for its super brightness to stream through your window and wake you up naturally!

Obviously, don't go wondering around outside at 3am in lockdown as we doubt this would be classed as essential.

The April moon is the biggest and brightest of all the supermoons (Credit: Unsplash)
The April moon is the biggest and brightest of all the supermoons (Credit: Unsplash)

So what does the pink supermoon mean for us?

We spoke to astrologer Lisa Stardust to find out what the new moon will bring and how this will affect us in the current lockdown situ.

She told Tyla: "A full moon occurs when there's a polarity between the sun and the moon. This tug of war takes a toll on emotions and illuminates truths to be exposed. Being that it's close to earth, the moon (who in astrology represents emotions) has a greater affect on our inner sentiments - most of which we cannot express.

"This particular pink supermoon will be in the sign Libra, which means the focus will be on relationships and money. There will be layoffs, breakups, and a coming together of sorts during this time of social distancing.

"Emotions will be high, and we will be forced to think about the other and not ourselves which may create more emotional strains (as we can feel empathy for others right now).

"We will see who our true blue friends are and what we can do to improve our lives for the better.

"This isn't a time for newness, it's a completion of a cycle. But, every new beginning comes from some other beginnings' end."

It's time to get the crystals out to charge - and *don't* forget to set your alarms...

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Lucy Devine
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